Neocrisis: Saints Row IV Review

Neocrisis: Has the Volition's dev team learned from the mistakes of Saints Row: The Third? Has THQ's bankruptcy and dissolution in January 2013 and its subsequent transfer over to Deep Silver, as its publisher, had a impact on this latest Saints Row installment?

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vishmarx1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

well ****...a 9.5
im actually expecting it to get 6/7s coz of all that dlc story

not that i want it to though
im among the minority who loved sr3 over sr2

Wigriff1890d ago

SR3 was a masterpiece. I absolutely adored it.

Jim Sterling gave SR4 a 9.5 on Destructoid as well.

vishmarx1890d ago

since my xillia collector edition got delayed
heres what im getting on 20th
splinter cell.
what a week its gonna be

wheresmymonkey1890d ago

guys if you wrote this review with a copy from Deep Silver you've broken embargo.

GamingMistress1890d ago

This is true. Anything before 9am EDT is against the rules. I wonder what the justification is.

MrTrololo1890d ago

I don't think it deserved a 8-10 rating since it just look like Saint Row 3 with superhero power. 6 or 7 would be the best for it

Acquiescence1890d ago

It does look more like an expansion pack than a fully-fledged sequel.

Claudiafox1890d ago

I allways laugh my ass off everytime i see that 98 on metacritic for GTA IV, when its a 6 or 7 too.

T21890d ago

Great u made it to this article too ... We get it, you dont like saints row, noone cares ...bubble down for trolling every review you claim is too high
Im pleasantly surprised by the high scores , prob pick this up in few months

Wigriff1890d ago

Way to complain about a review of a game you've never played based upon assumptions.


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