Housemarque: We Love the PS4's Architecture and Power

Push Square: "We’re mere days away from getting our first look at Housemarque’s inaugural PlayStation 4 project, a supposed 'spiritual successor' to the sublime Super Stardust HD. The company confirmed earlier in the month that it will be jetting off to GamesCom next week, where it will pull back the curtain on the first of two brand new collaborations with SCEE."

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TomShoe1988d ago

A 1080p Super Stardust HD sequel? Nice.

I just hope I don't get a seizure. Just look at that picture.

1988d ago
JackVagina1988d ago

umm super stardust HD on ps3 is already 1080p/60fps

alleyes1988d ago

I love the vita game, would like to see a new zombie game from them.

Bathyj1988d ago

Dead Nation 2 would be awesome

Minato-Namikaze1988d ago

4 player dead nation with classes and tactics? I'd take that, lol.

Knushwood Butt1987d ago

Still waiting for Dead Nation to be released in Japan...

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