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Tin Salamunic: Everything is better with superpowers. At least that’s Volition’s motto when making games…and frankly, it’s precisely what the Saints needed. As a huge fan of Saints Row 2, I was very disappointed when the third installment veered from its witty narrative-oriented roots towards banal juvenile campiness with degraded gameplay and stripped-down content. And after seeing the initial SR IV trailers, I feared the series had officially become a derivative cheap thrill for obnoxious prepubescent teens without any of the charm that made the earlier titles so appealing. But after spending a solid 20+ hours with Volition’s latest entry in the Saints universe…I have to say I’ve never been happier to be wrong. Saints Row IV is a blast. While it’s no longer the Guy Ritchie-esque gangster satire like the first two SR titles, it’s become something even greater, something even more complete and engrossing…Saints Row IV has finally found its voice.

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BiggCMan1917d ago

"Saints Row IV has finally found its voice"

F***ing THANK YOU. I try to inform the unintelligent that Saints Row is simply a different game. The developers do what they want, and that is to make the most fun, chaotic game they could possibly make. They aren't trying to compete with anybody, or be like anything else.

No more, can you compare Saints Row to a single other game like you could with Saints 1 and 2, and that is something VERY hard to do these days, with so many copy cats.

Enjoy the damn game, because I challenge anyone to bored while playing it. It is simply not possible.

showtimefolks1917d ago

Actually I was quite bored with SR3 and many feel the same way, SR2 was the best game in the series and after that it just went down hill

Also this game that is being offered at full price was suppose to be an expansion pack for SR3, but because THQ needed mo ey it was turned into a full game to make some money

If you enjoy SR3 and Will enjoy SR4 than more power to you, but as someone who has been with the series since first game I have every right to voice my displeasure or concern with where the series is going


Can only take you so far, the game still needs a structure and when I read the plan was to have a Bollywood movie song dance of a possible ending for SR4 I kind of lost all hope. There was a time few years because when this series was looked at as a possible contender to GTA if developers played their cards right but instead they went in the opposite direction

I will still buy the game when it's under $25 and I am fully expecting SR4 to suffer sales wise because GTA5 is coming soon and many on different gaming sites feel that the series hasn't progressed as expected

TheGameScouts1917d ago

If you read in my review, I actually really, really didn't like SR 3....and I was a HUGE fan of SR 2. However, this one made massive improvements over the predecessor. It's definitely a much fuller, more complete game over the last one.

showtimefolks1917d ago

Ok glad to hear maybe I should keep an open mind and give it genuine shot

Like you I was just so disappointed with SR3. SR4 kinds of reminds me of crackdown in a good way, so here is hoping I love it as much as I loved crackdown/infamous

Thanks for replying

Mugen901916d ago

Notice TheGameScouts never said it was better than SR2. I honestly think all the people who loved SR3 will love SRIV, but people who love SR/SR2 aren't too excited about this game. Actually a lot of the people I know who liked SR/SR2 is kind of done with the series at this point. I still give the series a chance with SR5.

sdozzo1917d ago

Who are you talking to?

wheresmymonkey1917d ago

Actually you can. Saints IV is basically a funny version of Crackdown.

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Hitman07691917d ago

Embargo is 2 hours from now. This is violation of embargo with Deep Silver.

Gamer19821917d ago

Unless they dont have a review copy. Some people can get early copys from retail.

TheGameScouts1917d ago

My embargo sheet says August 14th. It is 7:23 am on August 14th right now.

wheresmymonkey1917d ago

my email from deep silver says 2pm GMT.

MrTrololo1917d ago

How does a game which is basically Saints Row 3.5 get 8.5/10 ? It does nothing but add superheroes power.

TheGameScouts1917d ago

I too thought it would be nothing but a 3.5 version...but as you can see in my review, I was very surprised by the result.

MrTrololo1917d ago

Well as long as people were happy with what they purchase i am okay with it. Just hope if Volition do make a Saint Row 5,it would go back to the Saint Row 2 root

bluetoto1916d ago

"No more, can you compare Saints Row to a single other game like you could with Saints 1 and 2, and that is something VERY hard to do these days, with so many copy cats."

you're right, now it's a copy of 2 or 3 games.

you new fans have no idea what improvements are. each game since sr2 has stripped away more and more from the customization and now they have taken away cribs.

all they "added" was superpowers that were from dlc and a few hair options to go along with a bunch of useless outfits.

you tweens just don't get it, it's not about the game being aimed at the dimwitted now(which it is), that could be forgiven if not for all the many options that they got rid of to do so.