Are MOBAs the new kart racers? (asks The Black Panel)

The Black Panel writes: Last week, Deep Silver unveiled Dead Island: Epidemic, a free to play PC title that brings MOBA gameplay to the world it established in its 2011 first person action game. Warner Bros Interactive is prepping Infinite Crisis, a MOBA game featuring DC superheroes like Batman and Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, Lord of the Rings fans have been playing Guardians of Middle Earth since late last year. There is even a MOBA populated by deities from a range of real world religions. Is there still scope for innovation or are we heading towards a wasteland of ill-conceived cash-ins?

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zeal0us2290d ago

Have to say they more of the new FPS rather than kart racers. People seen the success LoL and Dota and now they're hoping cash in on the same success. I have the slightest clue why Deep Silver rather make a Moba that no one asked for rather Dead Island 3.