New Halo 3 Info and Images

The "legendary edition" is sort of a "special-special-edition" that consists of a Full-size replica of the Master Chiefs helmet that contains 4 DVDs with material.

1= The Game
2=Various documentaries and audio commentary
3=Spinoffs such as "Red vs Blue" and "Spark of Life"
4= ALL the cutscenes from all three games in Hi-def

New Weapons:
Spiker: the weapon of choice for brutes.
Spartan Laser: An anti-veichle weapon, fires a red laser that pretty much destroys any veichle that is hit.

New Vehicle:
Moongoose: The ATV that was supposed to be in Halo 2. It carries 2 people and it doesn't have any weapons so it's mainly a means of getting from point A to point B as fast as possible.

There are 3 levels which are revealed,
Valhalla = blood gulch, High Ground = Zanzibar, Snowbound = Frost bite.

There is a new controller setup where you click the right bumper to reload the right weapon and the left bumper for the left weapon.
The X-button will have a special use which Bungie will not reveal.

Note: The images are from an alpha build of Halo 3

Source: Level Magazine

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shotty4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

Don't you know the X button hidden feature:
It flips the enemy on their backside and you can hit their weakpoint for massive damage. Check out the desert level on the last scan, it looks beautiful.

FadeToBlack4471d ago

Cant really tall much from these small magazine scans.

PS360PCROCKS4471d ago

Agreed. Alot of the shots remind me alot of the two first games look, I mean you can obviously tell their alot better graphically, how much must wait to be seen

bizzy124471d ago

around the message boards every one thinks the game migth come out in march around the same time as the ps3 lunch in the uk to mess up there sell over seas with there all ready growing 360 fan base did bill said the same day the ps3 lunch there you go.

DJ4471d ago

which shows how good a job Bungie did with that iteration. It looks good, but I was definitely expecting a bigger, more noticeable leap in graphical fidelity. The normal mapping definitely gives some added depth over Halo 2's bump mapping though.

TheXgamerLive4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

Your looking at a scan of a magazine, and probably not even ingame, of course Halo 3 will look graphically better than anything else to of ever been released yet to date. This is the Xbox 360's pride and joy. It will have every small detail blown up and with clarity unlike anything yet to be seen. When the magazine comes out, even then your looking at magazine pictures and not video so not a good comparison and of course you'll see images from Halo 1&2 but graphically speaking, it'll blow your ps3 to pieces.
Now go and play ratchet and clank on your ps2.

MoonDust4471d ago

Seriously. Do you think the Billion dollar game will look the same as two? Get real.

power of Green 4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

Everything this guy has to say about MS products is complete Bullshit. He's a MS hating S-fan. He's like Goerge W Bush. It sounds like he knows what he's talking about but if you know better it's complete BS.

TheSadTruth4471d ago

those "screens" look more like concept art tbh.. this isn't actual gameplay