9 PC games we want on PS4 - OPM

Here are 9 PC titles OPM would really like to see become PS4 games. Make it so, Sony.

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steve30x2285d ago

PC Gamers get criticised for wanting some console games on PC but its ok to want some PC games on a console.

DeadManV2285d ago

Its not the same man. Sony and Microsoft own studios or pay them for exclusivity, so its impossible for them to end up on PC. But PC games are not exclusive, devs want their games on as many platforms, especially indies on PC.

starchild2285d ago

He's talking about the hypocrisy.

All gamers want good games on their preferred platform, but somehow when a PC gamer expresses interest in having a game like The Division on PC they are bashed for "begging for games".

Yet when console gamers start petitions or write articles or make comments expressing hope for certain PC games (or games on other consoles) to come to their console it doesn't seem to dawn on people that they are being hypocrites.

saint_seya2285d ago

I dont get your point o0.
I like some games, i would like to have more on ps4, some pc games, some nintendo games, even some xbox games.. OFC theres nothing bad with wanting some games.
I have a gaming pc but i think is cool to have some pc games on ps4 just for the fact that i can play with my friends on psn.
I think everyone would like to have games from other platforms, maybe one, maybe a few, but at some point theres always a game we would like to try #because not everyone can have all the consoles and/or gaming pc.

Somebody2285d ago

I get what steve30x's point and I agree to some degree with saint_seya.

Whenever a PC vs console debate/discussion erupts, "our consoles have more exclusives" will always be the go to counter-argument the console fans use. So having even half of the titles listed by the article ported to the consoles doesn't bode well for the PC. Exclusivity is one of strong points of consoles so why should I rejoice when some exclusivity are taken away from the PC?

MMOs, indie games and Modding have made PC gaming a very unique experience. Unfortunately the next gens' primary aim was to get MMOs and indie games to join them. The next gen consoles, the PS4 at least, is praised for having the ability to port PC games quickly. As a PC gamer, it's not a really good sign when everything about the next gen consoles is designed to suck more fans and devs away from the PC.

Blizzard is hard at work porting Diablo 3 for the PS3 and 4 (said to be the best versions at that). The PC fans on the other hand were told to beg for the upcoming next gen F2Ps.

Just look at the article: "Modding is a broad term, but we’re really fed up of PC gamers boasting about" There's no fun with friends in it, just some console fans tired of the PC's exclusive hold of modding and now they hope next gen consoles could mean they might have it for themselves too. If modding is taken away too...

Rimeskeem2285d ago

It's because Sony and ms own studios that can only make games for them so they don't get on PC

sly-Famous2285d ago

I cant think of any except maybe Star Craft.

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MrTrololo2285d ago

There no way a strategy games would work well on consoles let alone not enough key to assigned. Should stay with PC.

Perjoss2285d ago

There have been quite a few strategy games that work really well on consoles, with stuff like radial menus and being able to double up your buttons (face buttons have a regular function, but holding down a trigger gives them all new functions, like a shift key) there's no excuse for making a strategy game on consoles with a bad control scheme.

MrTrololo2285d ago

True but gamer prefer playing strategy games on PC since it much more easier and not confusing to learn too. Also did i mentioned that you able to make custom maps and mods the game whereby in the console version you can't

clouds52285d ago

Imho you can't compare that. The best thing about games like starcraft is the multiplayer and that just isn't playable with a gamepad. It's way too complex. SP is fine though.

Saryk2285d ago

DayZ and Eve not going to happen, but the others, I don't see why not......

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