Best graphics cards for Call of Duty 4

You're looking for the perfect graphics card for CoD 4? You like to know which card can handle up to 1.920x1.200?

German site has a massive amount of benchmarks from Call of Duty 4: Moderne Warfare with lots of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

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JsonHenry3895d ago

I like being able to lean around corners, look at better visuals, play matches that have more than 16 players (up to 64 on some servers) so no thanks, I will continue to play on the PC.

likeaboss3023895d ago

I don't understand why lean isn't in the console version. They could have mapped a button to it. I usually prefer my FPS games on the PC if that is a option on day one. However, when COD4 came out I was still running my old rig which would have been worse then the 360.

CNIVEK3895d ago

R6V 1&2 are FAR superior to COD4, with the TRUE cover system. It's even better than Gears'.

Xbox is the BEST3895d ago

hate R6V because they are not good at it.

PimpHandHappy3895d ago

Vegas and that cover system really make the gameplay a joke. I find ppl sitting on the same walls and just waiting for the ducks in barrel to cross the view...

i love the single player Vegas but as far as online goes its to easy to camp. In real life you cant just snap out of cover and hit the same point with your aim. Vegas is played out and lame online

BludoTheSmelly3895d ago

Any modern card can handle this game no problem.

lsujester3895d ago

It's really not a huge resource hog like some other games. *cough* Crysis *cough*

I have one 8800 GT, and it runs it fine.

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