Stargate Worlds: WarCry's Preview

Based on a big group interview with Creative Director Chris Klug, Studio Head Dan Elggren, Art Director Howard Lyon and Technology Director Demetrius Comes WarCry offers a preview of Stargate Worlds:

"Each class can be placed along the spectrum of how combat oriented they are. For example, a Soldier is going to do the vast majority of their missions with a gun in hand, as one would expect. An Archeologist may do only a very few in that way. In between fall the other classes.

What does someone do in an MMO if not kill things, one might ask? Play mini-games related to the scenario is Cheyenne's answer. For those who seek and crave explosions, life can be happy as a Soldier, but this is only a small part of each scenario. A good group will have each person approach a given scenario from their strength, so while the Soldier lobs frags at the enemy, the archeologist might have to disarm a bomb or pick a lock."

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