GTA IV Euro bundle - picture of Bartsmit release schedule

VG247: That Grand Theft Auto IV bundle for Europe's starting to look a lot more plausible.

A reader from the Netherlands has also contacted us with an image of what he claims to be a release list from retailer Bartsmit. As you can see, the title header to the story, "Playstation 3 Gta-4 pack" is listed as an April 29 release.

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Wildarmsjecht3847d ago

Indeed. Like any company, they don't want to release any information until they feel its ready, but consumers always find a way to get it beforehand anyway. I suspect an announcement around next week Thursday, along the lines of the PSN update.

Buubar3847d ago

The HAZE release date is wrong, but its nice to see a MGS4 bundle on the list.