BBC: Sony/MS wanted to 'control' the iPlayer

In an opinion piece by a BBC journalist has said that "the iPlayer's streaming service on the console makes something of a mockery claims by Sony and Microsoft that their consoles are the true multimedia machines." The article also quotes the BBC Future Media and Technology Group Controller as saying "If you want to get on the PlayStation or Xbox, they want control of the look, the feel and the experience; they want it done within their shop, and their shop only."

Both the Wii and PS3 have a web browser - and so in theory users could access the iPlayer directly.

But neither console - at present - support the form of Flash used in the iPlayer.

Clearly Nintendo is rectifying this - but is also going one stage further and offering a dedicated channel, which acts as a one click button to the iPlayer service.

Reading between the lines it would seem Microsoft was unwilling to work with the BBC unless it was given more control over how the content was accessed and presented inside Xbox Live, its walled garden online service.

It seems more puzzling for Sony to take this approach. It has said often that PS3 is an "open platform" and all it would take is a small update to let gamers access iPlayer in the web browser.

I think this is almost inevitable - and so Sony gamers shouldn't be too distraught.

For Microsoft the issue is more tricky because the 360 doesn't have a browser so any service has to "integrate" into Xbox Live.

I'm guessing that Microsoft wanted the content but not the iPlayer branding.

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SPARTAAN3845d ago

looks like a flash update is enough for the ps3

Britjadg3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

they really do need a flash update. i cant access porn on my ps3 until they do. its my only quarm with sony's ps3...


sfinXters3844d ago

Why are you watching porn in Flash? It looks fugly.

anh_duong3844d ago

the word control is a bit excessive..

ms and sony don't want to control the content of iplayer - they just want to integrate it into their respective dashboards..

bbc wanted to retain their iplayer dashboard so as to increase revenue from their commerce side.. nothing wrong with the beeb's decision. but once a the ps3 browser is updated to the current flash the iplayer should work.

whoelse3844d ago

A proper iplayer app on the PS3 would be great but i guess a flash update is all we will get :(

The Wood3844d ago

Flash support: pending

life: continues!