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theWB271891d ago

Nice trailer. I hope this isn't what the countdown is to. In-game would be better...

sobotz1891d ago

This is much cooler. Geralt is freaking badass now he has a real beard

starchild1891d ago

The Witcher is in my top 3 favorite franchises of all time and this was a cool trailer, but I really was hoping to see more gameplay or in-engine stuff.

AnotherProGamer1891d ago

"What are you doing?"

"Killing Monsters"


joab7771891d ago

I can't tame will b so long before this arrives...i can't wait to see what an open world rpg with an actual story looks like.

showtimefolks1891d ago

i know man the wait for this and MGS5 for me is gonna be so damn hard, i hope that both will come out in 2014 and not slip into 2015

showtimefolks1891d ago

this is why we need next gen


Witcher 3

The Division

3 games that showed next gen and what it is capable of, CD red project how small a team yet still excellent games

day one buy whenever it comes out, i can see that this series will end the Trilogy with a bang and without useless prequels or sequels after the Trilogy

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The story is too old to be commented.