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Gaming Age: "Dragon's Crown has a lot to offer, from building one of the finest co-op games this generation, to leaving one nagging issue for us critics to nitpick in the lack of cross-play support. It's one of the prettiest games around, the addictive structure of the game compliments how many hours can be sunk in (with friends or on your own), and there's even some PvP stuff for anyone who really wants to put their money where their mouth is. Even the music is charming."

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CrossingEden1892d ago

I think this is the first review where the picture used for the article wasn't of the overly sexualized sorceress.

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Inception1892d ago

No, this is not the 1st time. Here are some review without sorceress boob on the thumbnail / the article:

But you hate this game and don't want to play it. So why you suddenly care with Dragon's Crown?

ravinash1891d ago

So true.
People go up in arms about using these images in the game, but their more than happy to post them all over reviews and posting.