PS3 gets pay-per-view streaming with Live Events Viewer app

PlayStation is expanding its streaming footprint one piledriver at a time with the new Live Events Viewer. Announced at E3 and available today, the app will let you buy and watch pay-per-view events -- starting with this Sunday's WWE SummerSlam -- directly from your PS3 without the need for a cable subscription. Sony is promising that new programming will be available on a weekly basis and that there will be free content in addition to PPVs, too. All that's available right now are UFC and WWE specials, but according to the US PlayStation Blog, concerts, races and "other entertainment events" are en route. You could also get your scripted and unscripted fisticuffs fix on the Xbox 360, but you need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to use them.

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NewMonday1892d ago

the disappointing thing is that most of it is region locked, most devices controllers like Sony, MS and Google check your IP address so you can't bypass the restriction, but Apple doesn't, I can just log in with an ID registered as a USA resident but my IP address is in the Middle East and it works.

1892d ago
Fishermenofwar1891d ago

You can change your Ip also for Ps3..That is why I have the USA Netflix...The Canadian one sucks....

R3DRAIN891892d ago

I would like to see it support ppv boxing like upcoming mayeather vs canelo fight for example.

Hicken1891d ago

That'll be streamed for free somewhere.

xActionBasturdx1892d ago

Xbox already has this right?
Its a cool feature might start using that for my ufc fights

PositiveEmotions1892d ago

Mayweather vs canelo ppv here i come on my ps3 :)

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