Saints Row IV: Has the Series Gone Too Far?

Fans of the Saints Row franchise know that it gained it’s fame through its silly and ridiculous atmosphere. Last week, Volition released the second developers diary regarding the scope and plot of Saints Row IV. To no one’s surprise, the newest installation appears even more ridiculous than the first three games.

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OneAboveAll2282d ago

This series was cool when it was about gang wars and stuff. (pretty much the first game)

Too much stupid crap has been added. Water guns, futuristic hover bikes... you name it, it ruined it.

The first was the best.

iamnsuperman2282d ago

I disagree I think Saints Row has turned into its own thing. The ultra stupid, customisable, do wacky, sandbox thing genre doesn't exist except for Saints Row. It is incredibly fun to just mess around. It is filling a gap that GTA left and it is fun. This change has created a situation where you don't choose between the two but get both of them

Donnieboi2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

It may be "it's own thing" but whatever that thing is, is still slapstick-stupid. It's just not even really funny: It's dumb, the dialog sucks, the plot is a joke (even funny can have a plot), the customization options dropped, it became cartoony, etc.

Everything it does is just for short-term shock value. Nothing of substance. Th SR 1 & 2 stories actually had characters u cared about who died. And a story that was pretty lengthy. SR 3 could be beaten in only 15 hours. Now we have SR 4 which is just some DLC being repackaged. It won't even have a new town. Just lazy.

It may be a departure from the shameless GTA clones that SR 1 & 2 were, but SR3 never felt like a justifiable $60 purchase. And SR4 looks worse. Aliens, a gangster president, superpowers? Why not just make an entirely different franchise.

Wenis2282d ago

I enjoyed SR1 and SR2. But SR3 was just not appealing. It felt too over the top, and it just seemed like the game didn't really have any focus at all. SR4 doesn't look appealing to me so Im going to pass on it

2282d ago
RavageX2282d ago

I agree with Donnieboi 100%.

The only way I'll even play this new one is free or super cheap. I'm talking $15 or less cheap. You already know they are going to milk people with DLC like they did with the 3rd.

Whoever was originally behind 1 and 2 need to somehow get their hands back on the series, and whoever is doing this crap now needs to rename it because it is definitely NOT Saint's Row.

tack1292282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I disagree with those saying that SRIV sucks.

It's very obvious that SRIV is very over the top and silly. It's not ment to be taken seriously which is the main problem that I have with the complaints. Did you want another blatant GTA clone in that case?
I don't mind that it's stupid and silly or that it's not like the original games, at the end of the day if the gameplay is fun and rewarding, stuff it. It works for me regardless of whether you like it or not.

People complained about how much SR1 and 2 were blatant rip offs. Not so much with SR2 but it was there. I have played my fair share of games with different styles of stories and gameplay. TLoU, ME, GTAIV, Heavy Rain etc.
The series here is different in that while the early games were copy/paste, they found their own niche. Which is to say you either like where it is heading or you just don't.

With that said I will be buying SRIV, my friends in general are looking forward to this game too. I'm also going to say that I also plan to get GTA V later on since I like both franchises.

At the end of the day it's just my opinion, agree or disagree (or agree to disagree).

KonsoruMasuta2282d ago

Saints Row 4 will never come to the level of SR 2. All they needed to do was expand on what made 2 great.

But instead they just crapped up the whole series.

Ju2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Never played SR2, briefly took a snoop into SR3 - this I will play.

But IV is totally awesome ;) For me who never played that series this is actually a reason to play it. I never wanted a GTA clone - I'd have played the real one instead.

This here almost feels like a homage of inFamous. LOL. Gonna get this one.

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betan212282d ago

I'll pass on it...gta day one

TheRealTedCruz2282d ago

I don't think so. I think it developed into its own thing and, personally, I like where it is at the moment.
Opinions will always differ though.

cootdog1232282d ago

Opinions are like ass holes everybody has one lol.

brish2282d ago

Everyone also has a brain, eyes, teeth, arms, legs, a heart, etc.

The "Opinions are like ass holes everybody has one" comment is vulgar and is completely pointless because it adds nothing to any discussion.

cootdog1232282d ago

No Brish not everyone has teeth are both eyes or legs arms yes brains and heart.

cootdog1232282d ago

Dub bass baby and drop the bass lol.

tack1292282d ago

This would probably sum up the complaints about SR3 and SRIV.

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