Dota2: XBOCT Called Teammates Idiot and Na`Vi Will Change Roster

TI3 ended by a wonderful game between Na`Vi and Alliance. XBOCT seemed pissed off by the result of second place that they were such close to the champion. He tweeted a message complaining about some “useless idiot” and stated a change of Na`Vi’s roster.

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10V3N0M012281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

An interesting quote though
"This message gets a lot of attention. Some players speculated that this may because of KuroKy hasty called "gg" without consent of others in game one. You can refer form the picture that XBOCT was really upset after the first game of Grand Final."
Game one was a complete stomp because of their extremely risky draft and so probably made tensions run high.

There is something else going down here, personally i think by Xboct's comment, that Xboct is in a bit of trouble.