The Glory Days - A Restrospective of NES Gaming's Achievements

A look back at the glory of 8-bit gaming and what has been lost over the generations.

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Kevlar0091890d ago

The link is to "Gaming's most notable pirates"

Anyway, Nintendo came from a time when before there was quality control on games, when they were an expensive novelty. E.T. for me is the definitive bad scenario for games before the NES. It didn't matter if the game was good, what mattered was it was a video game with a specific character made for a quick buck

The NES was basically gaming's second chance at becoming mainstream. Mega Man, Final Fantasy, Mario Bros, and Zelda are timeless franchises built on quality and innovation. Nintendo made a video game culture where that same quality and innovation drove early success. The "Nintendo Seal of Quality" was born to tell consumers that the game was respectable, that a company was willing to put their name on the line to approve the game.

Nintendo is the face of modern gaming, who knows where the gaming industry would be today if it wasn't for Nintendo. The NES helped validate the video game industry as a whole.

clide881890d ago

When I click the link, it takes me to a search page. Not sure what the problem is, but I'm trying to get it resolved.

In the meantime, this is a link that *should* work for you or anyone else interested:

Thank you for your comments and for bringing the issue to my attention!

Main_Street_Saint1890d ago

Thanks for that updated link, got a little upset there for a moment.

Killzoner991890d ago

Who cares about these relics? Real gaming didn't start until the Playstation era. That's when the game industry got mainstream.

Main_Street_Saint1890d ago

I'm going to have to agree to disagree with you on that notion. While the Playstation started the modern era of gaming; there would not be a Playstation or Xbox or any other modern console, if not for Nintendo bringing gaming back from the crash of '83. And yes, by many people today, these titles are "relics." But what you see as ancient; I, and others, see as the foundation of some of the conventions of gaming today.

tweet751889d ago

nintendo should add trophies to old titles on 3ds and wii u virtual console that would add some value and i know id buy more games id otherwise be hesitant to buy.