Albert Penello of MS replies Kinectless SKU 'not going to happen'

Microsoft PR representative Albert Penello reached out to the community to ensure gamers that Microsoft has not lost their vision. He also says that the Kinect will remain in every box.

Penello also describes that the Kinect is better at navigating the console than the controller does.

He also justifies the value and usefulness of the Kinect and how its core to their vision.

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PositiveEmotions1889d ago

Yeah its not a surprise at all

Starbucks_Fan1888d ago

If I ever get one I'm selling the Kinect on eBay. I'm sure someone will want one for some reason.

thekhurg1888d ago

Don't worry, now that Microsoft has said it won't happen, it will absolutely happen.

mac_sparrow1888d ago

I was thinking the same thing Khurg, step one of a one eighty is to state it won't or can't happen.

SilentNegotiator1888d ago


Don't be ridiculous! They can't just hit a switch!

...Give it a month or two after launch to be announced.

fr0sty1888d ago

They said the same thing about dropping DRM.

Mystogan1888d ago

Thekhurg, they never said the 180 was not going to happen, they said they would listen to as much feedback as they can. and they did.


You'd be a fool.

fossilfern1888d ago

Thats what I was thinking but you probably wont get much for it.

gaffyh1888d ago

It WILL happen. Just wait and see, they are only saying this to try and save face, but it will happen. It's just like when immersion was suing Sony regarding rumble, and Sony said rumble was pointless. They didn't believe it, they had to say it so they could actually sell SixAxis controllers. Same thing with this.

My prediction, Kinect-less SKU available within the first year of launch.

1888d ago
fossilfern1888d ago


Maybe all I want to do is play games not wave my arms about like an idiot or move my hand about just to navigate menus when a controller can easily be used ? I dunno what innovation your talking about but this thing will be just used for dance central type games.

JokesOnYou1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Hell yeah, for me here are the important parts:

"We made one policy decision that was a major reversal around digital rights vs. physical media. It was the only time major features were changed, like family sharing, and some of the online check-in stuff that was related to it. It was the right call."

"Once you guys experience the console, some of the criticisms may be valid, and many won't. The controller will not be the best way to navigate the dash - things like instant switching, snap mode, sign-in, and search are going to be vastly superior with Kinect. There is no controller UI that will beat "Xbox, Snap Skype", or "Xbox, Go to Killer Instinct"."

"If we were to remove Kinect from the bundle, then THAT would be a 180... but it's not going to happen. This was a very minor policy change, for people who had privacy concerns or repair issues. As someone earlier stated, my guess is that very few people will take advantage of the feature. But knowing it's there as an option is important."


-Good to hear this news. Unlike their other plans I'm glad they realize that this is fundamentally necessary for the future success of the platform.

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fossilfern1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )


Im not trolling I have an XB1 pre ordered you just listed off some personal prefrences and my prefrence is not to have one. Facial recognision isnt inovative most phones have that. And all that heart beat stuff will probably turn out to be nonsense what if your wearing baggy clothing ? Ill have to see it to belive it.

Edit: Sorry playing CSGO. And voice commands have been is use since the PS2 and Xbox I remember playing games on both PS2 and Xbox using voice controlls. Just like kinect 1.0 it will be hyped up wth so much "potential" that it will fall short of peoples imagination and expectations. I dont want the Kinect I very much doubt I will use the kinect and if I am going to use the kinect I want the choice to decide to have one or not

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Maddens Raiders1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I don't know how long this will hold true before MS announces a 180 on yet another position. Paying an additional $100USD for an add on that according to MS is now, "not required" is a steep price to pay for an afterthought.

MS didn't do this with the HD-DVD add on when they were stating that HD-DVD was the next big thing since underwear, so why do this with Kinect 2.0? It's just hubris and greed imho. They cannot sustain this position with a forced Kinect 2.0 as their only sku.

devwan1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Agreed. When people see the One now works even if you leave the Kinect in the box, how many will wait it out for a Kinect-less SKU? It could do more harm than good.

By allowing the unit to function without Kinect they might be forcing their own hand.

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scofios1888d ago

Yeah right
Kinectless sku will be the next 180.

avengers19781888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

"Can't just flip a switch and turn off the online"
Days later apparently they could just flip a switch

"Kinect is an intergal part of XB1 design"
Later you can unconnect the kinect and never use it

"Kinect-less sku not going to happen"
Later... I guess we will see

Oh and "no delay on XB1"
Hours later oh some places have slipped to a 2014 release not a November 2013 release

EasilyTheBest1888d ago

Hooray hooray hooray. Just what I wanted to hear. I can't wait for Kinect 2 and would be gutted if they sold an X1 without and split the user base in half.

PSVita1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Be smart people. They know if they said there'd be a $399 kinect less bundle later no would buy them at launch.

Mounce1887d ago

Just give them 1 month max to flip another switch...

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NewMonday1889d ago

fore those who don't want Kinect it will be a $200 paperweight, will wait for MS to do another 180 and sell cheaper non-Kinect SKU and and to present us with new 1st party exclusives.

Shadonic1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

If you believe there going to do that after they stated that they would not make a profit if they did sell a kinectless xbox One then your nuts

NewMonday1889d ago

they wont make any profit from lost XBLG subscriptions and lost royalties if a larg share of the market goes to the PS4 as things stand now

MS will again be forced to concede to market pressure and do another 180

devwan1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

@Shadonic "then your nuts"

What have his nuts got to do with anything?

OT: Many of us believe in order to effectively compete in next gen there will have to be a SKU that goes head-to-head price-wise with ps4. The only way that seems possible is without Kinect 2.0.

Allowing xbox one to function with Kinect 2.0 sat in the box has planted the seed in a lot of minds - people are going to sit it out and see what happens.

thekhurg1888d ago

If you believe that they won't 180 this once they realize they're getting trounced in sales, then you're nuts.

Shadonic1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

I'm just going to wait and see.This is the only thing MS has held onto and considering how this whole fiasco has pushed the idea that there just out for money even more you would think that them holding onto the kinect in general for this long would be because of the lose in profit that would come with its departure.

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KonsoruMasuta1888d ago

But this is pretty different. MS as spent money developing this. They know for a fact that if they release a kinectless X1, nobody will buy a Kinect. All of that money and time put into it will go to waste. It really wouldn't be a smart move.

Shadonic1888d ago

Its too late masuta MS could explode for all they care, as long as the kinects in they dont care.

devwan1888d ago

They also spent a lot of money designing and implementing the system that handled DRM and that got canned. Sure, that's not in the same league as their camera, but when something is working against your goals you do what needs to be done.

The games division is effectively under new management now, don't be surprised to see this and other changes as they scramble to become relevant again.

Bigpappy1889d ago

This is what I want to keep hearing from M$. They should know what their console should have better than the PlayStation crown and a few anti Kinect whiners.

Prototype_79L1889d ago

Then show us a decent kinect game which is not dancing, show us a reason for paying a 100 bucks more, because up until now i have not seen any.

"Kinect is better at navigating the console than the controller does."

This is the biggest bullshit i have heard so far.

Bhuahahaha1888d ago

i had a very bad experience with it.

after playing steel battalion
i never ever try play any more kinect game related title

nades_all_night1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

@ Prototype, Agreed. Also, if the kinect is better at navigating the UI than the controller, what does that say about the UI architecture of the system itself?! The PR dept. or whomever is in charge of answering questions regarding the xb1, has done nothing but a terrible job thus far.

Shadonic1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )


ElementX1889d ago

Well a Kinect-less SKU would divide the userbase. At least developers know the Kinect will be there if they want to use it.

joeorc1888d ago


yes, but also Microsoft just went on the point and stated is its not required now even though its still in the box.If very many see no real need the xbox one kinect camera and really wants to use it, ask yourself this.

If you know the xbox one has the camera and know for a fact that the xbox one does not need to use it or the consumer does not want to use it anyway Now that is not Required.

What incentive do developer's need to make use of the camera just by its presence in the box?

for example the PSVita has a back touch pad, do many of the developer's use such function on the PSVita making software for it?

just because its in the box or on the device, does not mean outright Developer's have or will have an incentive to use it, if Now Microsoft themselves states the XBOXONE will function without kinect attached to it.

Than its now No longer a Requirement for the system, its in the box for being in the box for developer's to try to make use of "if they want to"

that is the key, its no longer Kinect is seen as a core base to the xbox one as a core function, to now, its a "if you want to use such functionality to developer's.

that's what has changed.

Godz Kastro1888d ago

@joeroc... at least if gives them a better shot than convincing someone to go out and buy one.

rela82me1888d ago

Think about the wii, they didn't need the nun chuck for the console to function, but it shipped with one and not every developer Had to use it, only when necessary.

I have a hard time believing that if people get one in their box they won't plug it in anyway and still use some of not most of the non gaming features. I can see them not buying kinect only games, however using voice snap and other features accordingly.

joeorc1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

@Godz Kastro

"at least if gives them a better shot than convincing someone to go out and buy one."

Agreed, that's why i stated for example with the PSVita the rear touch pad being there does not mean outright developer's would use it. but its there if they want to.

and that is exactly my Point, this was not a negative post, im sorry if that came across that way. What i pointed out it does not hurt having Kinect in the box anyway. the only thing the consumer has to ask themselves is really the cost of what they are paying.

example: the system has what you want as a consumer, what would you be willing to pay for such a box. its a Question only each and every person can ask and answer themselves.

The Companies can only offer the consumer what they think will make that choice much more + toward their package of the system and the functionality and software and services they offer for the consumer.

It boils down to your choice as a gamer and a consumer.

the Developer knows that in every retail box for the xboxone currently there will be a kinect camera in there, and even though its now "optional for the consumer to use it" its upto them as developer's to make software be that 3rd party or 1st party to make use of that hardware "if they want to" the fact its there is really not a negative at all. only if the price is a problem for you or I or anyone as a consumer will really matter.


"Think about the wii, they didn't need the nun chuck for the console to function, but it shipped with one and not every developer Had to use it, only when necessary.

I have a hard time believing that if people get one in their box they won't plug it in anyway and still use some of not most of the non gaming features. I can see them not buying kinect only games, however using voice snap and other features accordingly."

exactly, what i was pointing out, though like you stated the other functionality offered to be used with kinect is another point that may sway user's to use Kinect. The fact its there does not mean outright that you have to use it, but its good that it is indeed there.

really only the price point would in effect be maybe a problem for some, if they see that as a problem.

Godz Kastro1888d ago

Agreed, that would be a dumb move. at least this way the kinect is there and some people might be curious and try it out. And who knows, they might like it.. People should just have an open mind. If they try and don't like who am i to argue someones likes/dislikes.

At least give it a try. The gaming industry has to evolve somehow.

kingdip901888d ago

Lol evolve... motion controlls were big on the wii. All the kinect is, is a much more advanced version of motion controlls. It was never abiut evolution, just capitalizing on the motion control gimmick which people are kinda bored of by now

yellowgerbil1889d ago

He says that now, because like everything they say it is bizarro speak.
"No we will not change policy"
"DRM can't just be turned off"
No we will not remove the internet requirment, buy a 360"
"The kinect has to be on, it is integral"
"no we will not ever offer a kinect less x1"

Bigpappy1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

There will be a Kinectless X1 down the road (may be after the first year. But that would be after X1 has established itself as a console that includes Kinect.

So it will and should happen for many reasons, including replacements. But to do it at launch would be to completely change what they said they wanted X1 to do.

yellowgerbil1889d ago

I agree, except for your last statements factoring into things. THEY HAVE COMPLETELY CHANGED WHAT THEY SAID THEY WANTED THE X1 TO DO. This console is not the X1 they revealed in any way, nothing about it is the same, in this case that is a very good thing, because the original X1 was terrible.

JokesOnYou1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Correct Bigpappy only thing that has changed about Kinect is policy, if anything othet minor things have gotten better with it being open to indies, small spec performance boost, and they added a headset.

Ironically things have only been added NOT taken away.

This great news because the drm stuff was presented but they never came out and said changes were "not going to happen", in fact after E3 they talked about revising certain principles around what they initially revealed.

Bigpappy1889d ago

"Completely Changed", no sir. Kinect features are still in tact: Split screen; voice control; auto log in; Controller assist. It is also still a digital game only system (games can not run from the Blu-ray). Still has the 3 OS and 8 Gig of DDR3,with HDMI in. So this is the same machine with some policy tweaks. Policies are the only things they have changed so far.