"Dragon's Crown" Is Out and No Women Were Harmed


When the artwork for Atlus' Dragon's Crown first made the rounds of the video game media circuit, it was criticized for its exaggerated depiction of the human anatomy—specifically, its depiction of female characters' anatomies. The characters Elf, Harpy, Morgan, and especially Amazon and Sorceress fall into this oh-no-they-didn't category. Unless you've been avoiding the gaming community's trending topics, you would already know that large breasts, thick thighs, and huge butts are the artistic mark of the beast. When characters are designed with these attributes, the critics would have you believe that real-life women become cursed with a mystical hex that undoes every achievement they have ever accomplished. Since Dragon Crown's release, I was expecting the college degrees of women all over the world to vaporize and their once proud owners to mentally devolve into infants.

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rextraordinaire2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )


It's also strange that no one mentions the fact that the one woman who has supreme power in that game, princess Vivian, who becomes Queen at the start of hard mode, doesn't show any skin. There you have it, a strong woman that has power over everything because of her kindness and strength in adversity, yet not a single moral-paragon-reviewer ever mentioned it. Do they believe that having such character is bad for their cause too, or are they too blind to see the good parts of a game?


GreatGamePlay2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

SPOILERS, that's Why.

Plus, It's misogynistic to restrict Women's freedom with so much cover. That's also why Amazon can fight very well.

admiralvic2280d ago

"yet not a single moral-paragon-reviewer ever mentioned it. Do they believe that having such character is bad for their cause too, or are they too blind to see the good parts of a game? "

Theory 1 - The average reviewer did not beat the game or really get into hard mode. I know some who reviewed the game (with a preview copy from Atlus) and did not actually beat the game or fully experience it.
Theory 2 - The characters that ARE sexualized are more commonly seen and some simple line of text isn't going to instantly change everything. Lets be fair here, you're 1,000,000,000% more likely to notice the Sorceress / Amazon are sexualized than notice / care that a girl with a few lines of dialog in a game that is not story driven, is not sexualized and has some power.
Theory 3 - Most people never cared. This outrage started with Kotaku and most people posted they never cared. It was NEVER a big deal with Bros before hoes (which was equally stupid) and 90% of the articles about it were about how it was silly. Sort of hard to blame reviewers / journalists when most of the details on the matter were about how silly the article was.

rextraordinaire2280d ago

All of the above, eh? :)

As for me, I love every single thing about DC. Except the evil rabbit. I hate the evil rabbit.

miyamoto2280d ago

that women specially sexy well endowed women are not offended by Dragons's Crown, play Dragon's Crown and love Dragon's Crown.

Even women who play mostly on Xbox 360

slinky1234562281d ago

I was disgusted with the way they portrayed male characters in this game!!! Having bigger muscular arms and a single ab larger than their head!!! Completely unrealistic and sexist!!!

*End Sarcasm*

KonsoruMasuta2280d ago

Yesterday, I went to a strip club and grabbed a stripper and tried to pull her away from her life of being oppressed and taken advantage of. Guess what she did? SHE SPRAYED ME WITH PEPPER SPRAY!

This problem is worse than I thought. All of these video games must have brainwashed her and made her think that's what she wanted.

KonsoruMasuta2280d ago

When did you write a post about getting pepper sprayed by an oppressed stripper?

ifritAlkhemyst2280d ago

Just being a dick. I wrote about stripper oppression and one attacking me for trying to enlighten her in response to a Dragon's Crown article about a week ago.

ifritAlkhemyst2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

Nothing to see here people. Move on to the Hotline Miami 2 rape articles for your next fix of moral outrage and righteous indignation.

Dan_scruggs2280d ago

So if the article states that no women were harmed does that imply that the article is another example of a man speaking for women. Because that is sexist.

Hicken2280d ago

That doesn't make sense. A man speaking for women isn't inherently sexist any more than how the characters in DC are dressed is inherently sexist.

The article states that no women were harmed because no women were harmed. LOOKING for sexism where it doesn't exist is as sexist as actual sexism.

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