Who is the New PS3 For? Breaking Down the 12GB Console

With a 12GB PS3 coming to the US and Canada on the 18th for $199, Daily Reaction’s aged writers Seb and Dan debate Sony’s motives and whether anyone should buy the console. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2911d ago

I've watched bigger movies

Foolsjoker2911d ago

I don't see how they expect to expand the digital age with something so petite? Can't even download some PS3 exclusives.

darthv722911d ago

i'd say its for the collectors. something that obscure could be worth something some day. Like the wii mini and how radically different it is compared to a full fledged wii. Or the nes top loader or snes mini.

all of which are obscure system variants that are more sought after by collectors than actual game players. I'll get one just to have even if i never use it personally.

FamilyGuy2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

It could just be for the extremely casual market in its base form. People act like you can't delete/uninstall game data when you stop playing one game an move on to another.

There's also this silly argument about why anyone would be buying it for netflix when there's cheaper alternatives. The PS3 has A LOT MORE THAN JUST NETFLIX! There's lots of other media playing devices and even media playing and streaming blu ray players but the PS3 has a lot of apps that those other systems just don't have. There's video on deman services for watching/streaming/renting brand new movies. CrunchyRoll is a big one for anime fans, VidZone is Sony exclusive, and the larger list of others that you can find on other devices that work better on the PS3.

The biggest difference is that this IS a PS3, so it plays PS3 games. No other device plays PS3 games so at $200 it's a good deal for those that can't afford the extra $70.

I see all the negatives but if they'd simply include the internal mount for easy HDD upgrading this is a great deal. Especially with the holiday season approaching. As far as the 12Gbs of flash goes, I really don't get why they didn't at least do 32Gbs of flash, it's really cheap.

sinncross2911d ago

I dunno... I guess this is kind of for the casual COD/ FIFA crowd (not including DLC).

Put the game in, install if needs be, play, delete data.

But yeah.. this is surprising... was expecting the current PS3 to get that price.

GribbleGrunger2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

It's for the impulse buyer, the uneducated casuals and the hobbyist.

PirateThom2911d ago

It's for people who want to buy a PS3 cheap and use their own HDD on it. Very simple, that hasn't changed since it was released.

ftwrthtx2911d ago

Completely agree. I wish I had that option when my fat 60 died.

Silly gameAr2911d ago

It's weird how people seem to forget that or they're just ignoring the fact that you can switch HDD's out on all PS3's.

Foolsjoker2911d ago

Or they actually say that in the article...if you actually read it.

Silly gameAr2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

I was talking about the comments, not the article. I guess the people that didn't mention it in their comments didn't read the article either huh?

TrendyGamers2911d ago

They'll probably also put it to $99 or $129 on Black Friday and be able to advertise 'PS3 For Cheap!'

knifefight2911d ago

I'd be into it if it weren't for so many mandatory installs that take up so much space. You'd have to uninstall something every time you'd play a new game, after a certain point.

Aceman182911d ago

or you could just change out the hard drive, and install any spare ones you have.

Death2911d ago

Or you could spend the extra $50 and get a PS3 with a big ass hdd and a game.

Aceman182911d ago


that is true, but i bet majority will look to save the $50, and just install a spare hd lol.

1lawrence2911d ago

Same people who buy 4gb xbox 360s

Yodagamer2911d ago

Expect with the 4gb model there are few games that require installs. 12 gbs (or less with system software) will be full with a couple games.

user55757082911d ago

yea but MS did that more because they knew that people would need the accessories later that the 4gb didnt offer. and all those accessories cost more when bought separately. like pro model with 120gb HD was $300...arcade model was $200...separate 120gb HD was $130 =$30 extra in the long run...then buy a headset, wifi card and so on

also a cheap replacement box when people got RROD because hard drive is detachable

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