Ghostbusters site goes live, Mr. Puft unreachable for comment

Destructoid writes: "A game site going live isn't normally an incredibly exciting part of a hyped game's belabored crawl to a release date, that is unless it's the site for Ghostbusters: The Game, at which point all bets are off and any new media is like perfectly melon-balled spheres of mana from heaven, fed to you by two shaven love-slaves whilst reclining on a dais carved from pure gold. Don't believe me? Just ask Colette; the woman literally urinated all over the new carpet in my office (utility closet) here at HQ when I showed her the site."

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fenderputty3844d ago

even scores relatively good scores, I'll probably get it for nostalgic reasons alone. I grew up watching the cartoons and the movies. It would be cool as hell for the guys to make a new movie too. The story could bring them out of retirement for one last ghostly adventure.

lol ... yeah ... who you gonna call.

kapedkrusader3844d ago

I read that the game is based on the script for the third movie. Mostly because Bill Murray said he would only participate if it was an animated movie or a videogame. He felt that the gang would look too old to pull it off. Sierra will do an excellent job on the design and gameplay and the voiceovers will be done by the original cast members of the movies, so overall, this game will be good.

ry-guy3844d ago

Don't screw this up.

Don't screw this up.

Don't screw this up.

fenderputty3844d ago

pack at some meanies. I'm going to cross the streams too.

Jinxstar3844d ago

I agree but thinking of the simple mechanics that encompass the Ghostbusters I think they can screw it up. Honestly I think it would be hard not to. I hope it is a good game though. Simply put they need to bring in more then "traps" which could be a pretty horrible mechanism... "Hit the ghost til hes low on 'soul' and throw a trap under him" can get really old I hope they bring a lot of new ideas tot he game.

fenderputty3844d ago

for the PS3 that uses the motion control. Kind of like Folklore. There were more then just proton pack in Ghost Busters as well. They could also use that gun that shoots pink slime all over the pace too. lol The Wii should be all over this game. They could make it so you have to use some sort of goggles to see thing at times. Using the ghost detectors (can't remember the name) could be interesting.

I see your point but, again, even if it is a little repetitive I'll still pick it up for nostalgic reasons alone. Venkman was the man.

Evildoomnerd3844d ago

I agree. I was sort of surprised at how much I enjoyed the Folklore demo and the full game, in a way it was like motion control that made sense. I have my doubts if they will implement it in Ghostbusters, but I hope I am wrong. Either way its a day 1 purchase to me being a Ghostbusters fanatic!. Oh yeah, and the term for the ghost detector is called the PKE meter :)

ry-guy3844d ago

I'm hoping for some success. I like the idea, the more I think about it, of having different types of proton beams to help capture various types of ghosts. This brings in that simplistic rock-paper-scissors approach to it. I think some different methods of trapping would be neat.

However, I just hope for a good game. If this all goes over well, then I really want a sequel with a sandbox ability. Be able to romp around NYC and just randomly field calls or stop and help out those pestered. It'd be so much fun to have a GTAIII type of feel to it.

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