The PS3 Exclusive Chaos Code is Fighting to North America

In a world full of brilliant fighting games, it's easy for a lesser known title like Chaos Code to get lost among the crowd. This charming 2D number, which was developed by Taiwanese dev FK Digital and published by the renowned fighter maker Arc System Works, first hit Japanese arcades in 2011, later reaching the Taiwanese PSN last year. Now this title will be coming stateside via PSN.

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admiralvic2284d ago

Not the best fighter around, but certainly one of the more unique ones. Will probably be part of Plus in the near future, since it was in Asian (Japan too I think) and we ALL know how much US Plus loves to give us fighting games.

Tetsujin2284d ago

I wonder if this will make it to Evo 2014?

booni32284d ago

I'd say that's quite a long shot, though I'd love to see it, either up on the main stage or as a small side tourney.

MrTrololo2284d ago

Meh it just another 2d fighthing game that does not special and possibly a rip-off from other fighthing games.

SynestheticRoar2284d ago

Cute artwork gives it a nice style.