Cnet: Dual shock 3 Review

The good: Wireless PS3 controller with rumble support; slightly heavier, which gives it a bit more heft than the feather-light Sixaxis controller; rumble function added to many existing games via downloadable patches.

The bad: Somewhat overpriced; doesn't come with a USB cable for recharging; rechargeable battery isn't removable.

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smokeb43841d ago

what did they give the 360 controller i think the price is good

toughNAME3841d ago

8.2 -

But Cnet did a feature a while back on the best controllers of all time. I wonder if a PS3 controller made the list this time.

Glad to be a gamer3841d ago

The six axis is way to light and flimsy in feel imo. Feel sorry for those that have to upgrade there control just to get rumble. This year is gonna be expensive enough for gamers without this added exspense.

Now if they could only sort out the trigger buttons...

okcomputer3841d ago

The trigger buttons are fine on the ds3/sixaxis. Not as good as the triggers on the 360, but still good enough. What they really need to do is tighten up the analog sticks. ps3 controller + 360 analog sticks = perfect controller

Hercules3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

that this is expensive, well think of it like this, the 360 wireless controller is cost more than the SIXAXIS. maybe not not at first (both are $49.99) but when you want to charge up your controllers you can get a cheap usb cable with a ps3; with the 360 buy AA or a rechargeable in the end, the ps3 controllers are cheaper, plus better than the 360's controller, imo

Cop_Boy3841d ago

gonna get the ds3 with the 2 copies of gta iv for my ps3 ........

fenderputty3841d ago

I play a good amount and still haven't had to replace the battery. Isn't there a tutorial on how to do it? Won't Sony do it for you? You also get the cable to charge your controller with the PS3. Why do you need 2? If you're playing with one you charge the other and switch off.

It has motion control and rumble. Enough said.

okcomputer3841d ago

Not having a charger would be a pain in the ass when you're using more than one controller a lot and they're both running out. I imported my ds3 months ago, and since then i've noticed the battery charge is a little shorter than the sixaxis, so it could be an issue.

fenderputty3841d ago

That will make 4 controllers. I doubt I will ever run out of a charge.

On the plus side, Motorstorm 2 will have split screen. Two DS3's rumbling away while myself and a friend drive our asses off.

TheKungFool3841d ago

I had a small chuckle when I read that as a negative. Nothing pissed me off more than when I opened my 360 to realize the wireless controllers didn't even come with battery packs, and I'd have to fork over more money for the "play'n'charge" kits.

Plus, why not just keep your older Sixaxis controllers around? I'm going to pick up two DS3's, but I'll keep my 2 current Sixaxis controllers. Not really a big deal to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.