Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition Listed for PS3/PC/Xbox 360, Given October 11th Release Date

Having previously been leaked by a Steam listing, and could have been easily guessed with the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition being a thing, the Borderlands 2 GOTY Edition has popped up once again, this time on Amazon Germany.

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awi59512282d ago

I got the amazon deal on the 4th of july that gave you boarderland and all DLC and boarderlands 2 and all dlc for 25 dollars.

NicSage2281d ago

It was only 22 bucks I thought, I bought it too... was a steal.

CaptainPunch2282d ago

Haven't bought any of the DLC for Borderlands 2 yet, just going to wait until the GOTY to release to play them.

showtimefolks2282d ago

I am done with borderlands 2, played it finished it time to move on

After buying the ultimate loot chest edition because my expections were quite high the game for me personally didn't live up to the hype. The dlc packs were good but nothing came close to be special, the last one was excellent though

I am hopefully destiny does things right so borderlands 3 could improve properly

Rare weapons are one thing just normal great weapons are hard to come by, in the first game you were rewarded every few levels so it felt great this time around you had to become a camper and beat one boss 20 times just to get great loot

Gearbox please make borderlands 3 better

Darksiders 2 has loot system where you could feed rare items I hope there is some sort of build your own item or improve your loot system

Also skill tree wise please be also like darksiders 2 where you don't have to invest in skills you don't want only to get to the ones you actually want

GusHasGas2282d ago

I don't think you should give Gearbox suggestions based on Darksiders 2 considering that the game did so poorly and that it was a leading factor in THQ's bankruptcy.

Reborn2282d ago

Sales doesn't always equate to quality.

Darksiders 2 was a good game, imo. I don't think it sold badly, because it was a bad one..

despair2281d ago

It was not a leading factor in the THQ bankruptcy it was a only a small part, but it still sold something like 1.5 million copies and while that may have been lower than the expected from THQ(which is ridiculous) its not really a small amount. Its like the 3.4 million Tomb Raider sales being below estimates for Square Enix.

That's a problem with the way they run the company and expend resources not on whether one game made them go bust or hurt their bottomline.

GusHasGas2281d ago


DS2 sold 1.4 million. THQ needed 2x more to be sold for them to be somewhat financially stable. That too, it only sold 247k copies in the US in the first month of its release. Compare that 247k to what Halo 4 sold in the first month in the US and then tell me if you think it sold well.

showtimefolks2281d ago


U-Draw is what killed THQ but yes darksiders 2 under performed too

but darksiders 2 is a very good game so if gearbox can learn few things from it what's wrong with it?

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rawshack2282d ago

Lets hope they put the dlc on disc frist time around and not codes

2282d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.