Six things you may not know about game development (from a former game developer)

GamesRadar - As a fan of video games, you’ve probably thought of working in development at some point. And why not? Turning your passion into your profession can result in a long and fruitful career. Needless to say, video games are amazing and you will have amazing experiences if you work in game creation. Still, before sending out your resume to your favorite studio (or trying to make it on your own as an indie dev), there are a few things you should know.

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tubers2282d ago


I actually know someone who loved playing video games, entered college for game development and found out it's very very different.. the hard way.

He shifted education since then.

Tetsujin2282d ago

I know there's other articles similar to this about the gaming industry and what to expect, as well as the differences between wanting to make games and playing them. In short, this is almost like any other job; you like cars however working in the automobile field may actually turn someone away or think differently about their hobby. With gaming I do want to put some projects out to remind people there are gamers who make games for other gamers; not someone who swears they are the "gamer" and you can tell by the attitude they really aren't (at least some of the people).

isarai2281d ago

I was lucky enough to learn all of this FAR before i got into the bachelors course, and it became all too apparent who had to learn it the hard way. The course started with 36+ students and by the end of the first year alone it was nearly half that, and now with only one quarter left it's only 10 students. It's definitely not a field for people's whose greatest passion in video games is playing them, because honestly the truth is you're barely going to have to to play them anymore once you get into the field.