Mario Kart Wii - DarkZero Review

Officially released in the UK tomorrow.

DarkZero write:

"When all is said and done the sheer fun factor that emanates from all Mario Kart games is alive all well in this iteration. If you're intent upon buying it for some solid multiplayer action (on or offline), then you will not be disappointed. However, it should be noted that those pinning their hopes on just single player exploits may grow tired quicker than first expected."

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Jam_sponge3845d ago

What are you talking about this game is at least a 9 or a 9.5!! It's probably the best game ever, this review's well out of line!

zdonit3845d ago

STFU man! This is more a 8.8 instead of a 9.0

iilluminate3845d ago

It's rare I get this excited but I can't wait to have a go on this. Changes to power slides are a concern so I hope this hasn't negatively impacted on the time trialing depth.

Does anyone know what the deal is with some moves being impossible to perform on the classic controller?

Domstercool3845d ago

I'm playing it right now with the Gamecube pad and I've been able to do everything, tricks, slides, whatever it is I've been able to do. I'm just wondering if Nintendo ment you can't shake the pad to do tricks or something.

Jam_sponge3845d ago

I'm not sure about the trick system, looks pretty silly...

iilluminate3843d ago

I've been playing a lot of the last 24 hours and the tricks seem to be a great addition. They don't unbalance the game at all and means you can take advantage of bumps in the ground such as tree roots, and the various ramps dotted around the level add yet more depth. Initially I was dubious about the bikes too but if anything they're more fun than the karts!