PlayStation Store video preview confirmed

DarkZero write: Sony has released a few new shots of what the new PS3 store will look like. The screens may be Japanese this time, but they do show some interesting things, with the most exciting been that the Preview option we wondered about in previously released screens will in fact stream a trailer about the game you are interested in once clicked.

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Fishy Fingers3933d ago

Definitely a step up from the "clunky" Store we have to deal with now. Personally I was hoping for more functionality than just nice visuals. But it seems as though Sony has addressed both.

tweaker3933d ago

Wow I'm gonna love this feature.

iilluminate3933d ago

My primary concern with the current store is the speed. Anything extra is a bonus. Appears to be shaping up well.

masterg3933d ago

Smart move. Some of the mini games I know nothing about. Therefor there is no chance of me buying them. A preview video would of course increase the odds of me buying the game.

njd823933d ago

Love this feature, very much needed and very welcome! Well done Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.