Max Payne 3: A Payne In The ****

Maul Squad: I’ll be the first to admit that Max Payne and I didn’t get on in the beginning. I found him chunky, overbearing and very slow. I knew it was going to be an amazing game but the controls and mechanics were holding me back, I just couldn’t get in to it and after the 2nd chapter it was placed into my stack of games that still need to be completed. It wasn’t until I started playing it again that I understood why Max Payne 3 controls how it does and I decided to stick with the fat, drugged up alcoholic.

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ifritAlkhemyst2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

It was never reduced to a cover based shooter. You either played it like that because you couldn't cut a pure bullet time approach or you were too entrenched in this gen's cover system to play it any other way.

I've beaten the game on every difficulty and both NY Minute runs only using cover on a handful of occasions when it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise it plays EXACTLY like the old MP's and your criticism is moot.

It's easily one my top 5 games this gen because of its refusal to play into the trends of the modern TPS.

shammgod2289d ago

Completely agree. I thought the game was terrific and it also ranks high for me. Fun gameplay, beautiful and great soundtrack.

cyguration2288d ago

Spot on.

People criticizing Max Payne 3's gameplay are just way out in left field or were too used to hand-holdy games that nearly ruined gaming this gen.

Lord_Sloth2289d ago

"A Payne in the ****"
...A Payne in the hell? A Payne in the S***? A Payne in the f***?

Ass is 3 letters, brah.

That_Ninja_Gray_Fox2288d ago

Max Payne 3 is awesome. Im done with it now having got the platinum trophy but it is just another testament as to how RockStar creates games the way the want with their vision and make a great game. FYI the gun mechanics like the weapon select controls and feel is the way GTAV will be.

TheRealTedCruz2288d ago

Favorite in the series, personally.
Sure. Not everything screams the style that the originals took, but it still felt a lot like Max Payne to me and it had possibly the best TPS combat I've experienced . . . ever.
Writing was fantastic as well.