Feature: Eight PS4 Titles That Are Changing the Game

Push Square: "Prior to the PlayStation 4’s announcement, many skeptics questioned what the system could possibly do better than existing machines. Titles such as The Last of Us already look absolutely incredible, so it’s a fair query – even if it has been answered emphatically by the likes of Killzone: Shadow Fall and inFAMOUS: Second Son. Despite the strides in visual fidelity, though, there are even bigger progressions taking place under the hood. It’s these advancements in networking, scale, and more that are poised to underline the impact of the next generation hardware."

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ABeastNamedTariq1896d ago

The Division looks amazing. That and The Crew.

(The amount of innuendo in this article is almost worrying lol.)

1896d ago
slimeybrainboy1896d ago

The Divison looks truly next gen. Never thought the first truly next gen thing I would see would be closing a police car door, but I loved it.

I'm seeing all positive response to The Crew, but unfortunately I'm not seeing it. The game looks like a Midway launch game to me. The cars seem plain to me but I appear to be in the minority. People seem to like that Crew.

qu1ckset1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I've been wondering the same thing, The Crew looks so arcadish and unimpressive to me, and I love racing games!

ABeastNamedTariq1896d ago

I agree on that first part.

And, The Crew looks interesting to me because of the concept of racing across (a condensed) America. I'm not so much focused on the cars in this game, it's more about the fun factor for me. I just imagine cruising across America (which takes 90 minutes in the game), getting into mayhem along the way. Lol but of course, this is my opinion.

MestreRothN4G1896d ago

Just don't forget TD comes from Ubisoft. This alone means the game will be 50% worse looking than the gameplay 'footage'.

Craigatorian1896d ago

I don't like Racing games, but driving a millionaire car across the US sounds unbelievably large in scope.

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PSVita1896d ago

Infamous was the only game I was looking forward to but after seeing the division trailer it's a day one for me. A MMO RPG shooter....bye bye COD.

Belking1896d ago

Weak launch line up for sony this time but better than ps3.

DialgaMarine1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Ryse ha ha... Oh wait, that's a different console with a shitty launch lineup XD

reko1896d ago


dang we have an expert over here.

DialgaMarine1896d ago

I'm glad to know you already have a list of all the unannounced PS4 launch games. Care to share. Waiting for Sony's Gamescom conference is killing me.

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o-Sunny-o1896d ago

Uncharted 4 a little more open areas with coop would be interesting. Play as Drake, Sully, or Elena. I would love that. ^~^