GPU Wars: A New Hope After Next-Gen Console Upgrades

Sony’s PlayStation IV (see what we did there?) is the Death Star, slowly meandering its way towards Microsoft’s hidden base on its home planet. The superior hardware of the ‘Xbox One’ killer seems set to utterly destroy its target from the moment it leaves the hangar. Fortunately, Microsoft has a new hope. That new hope is a 6% increase in GPU clock speed.

Yes, the WiHD Rocks! campaign office has been abuzz with debate on horsepower differences between these two machines, so let’s take a look at what the wire is telling us so far.

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Chaostar2487d ago

Pro tip for Sony: make sure the 2m wide thermal exhaust port on PS4 is shielded. Also get your staff shooting lessons and better armour.

WorldGamer2487d ago

lol. Nice. the "Pro Tip" really brought back memories. RIP GamePro.

darthv722486d ago

bu..but...the death star was destroyed. TWICE!

Maybe this guy should reverse roles for the sake of reasoning. Make sony out to be the Rebels and MS the Empire.

that way it would fit in line with the PS3 defeating the 360 and Ps4 'possibly' defeating the XB1 because the XB1 is still going through construction (still making changes).

this analogy was really just for sh**s and giggles.

mewhy322486d ago

Good one indeed. Wow I didn't know that the PS4 CPU clockspeed was that high! That's even more bad news for the overpriced, underpowered, xbone.

HammadTheBeast2487d ago

Those MS wookies are somewhere.....

BG115792486d ago

Are you sure they are MS wookies? Because I am sure there are some MS clones somewhere to...

adorie2486d ago

Ok. So, where is Darth Ballmerus?

LordMaim2486d ago

The difference is that in Star Wars, the Empire *lost* ;)

FrigidDARKNESS2486d ago

I stopped reading when the author stat talking about Star!

Zdb10r2486d ago

that was the best part!

yellowgerbil2486d ago

Sony is the jedi I would say. calm composed and wise beyond it's years.
though Mark Cerny kinds looks like Salacious B. Crumb...

n4rc2486d ago

Nintendo is the ewocks right?


medman2485d ago

Do not disgrace the good name and the many acts of valor of the ewocks by comparing them to Nintendo's current circumstances. You bring shame to us all.

BillytheBarbarian2486d ago ShowReplies(1)