NVIDIA’s Radical New Technology Could Destroy Console Gaming

Forget about Microsoft’s Xbox One. Never mind Sony’s PlayStation 4. The world’s best-looking video games could be coming to your tablet -- not your console.

Chip maker NVIDIA’s (NASDAQ: NVDA) Project Logan could destroy traditional console gaming as we know it. Early videos of the technology in action are impressive, to put it mildly.

Somehow, NVIDIA has managed to imbue tablets with insane graphical capabilities. As this technology is adopted, the consequences to the video game industry could be immense.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2282d ago

tablet with next gen console graphics + mini hdmi to hdmi + wireless xbox one controller = sound futuristic to me.

Ps5 will be pocket sized.

Diver2282d ago

Personally sick of nvidia. Moving to amd.

SkullBlade1692282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Just sounds like a mini-game console with a lot of required extra buys to me...

Dazel2282d ago

They are getting better all the time but they won't catch consoles up any time soon. I also find it funny that to play Shadowgun Deadzone on my N7 I'm using a PS3 controller because most touch controls suck donkey balls. Real Racing 3 being an exception, the controls on that are truly great.

kneon2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

While they could make the ps5 tiny, there are all kinds of limitations that come with that. Anything you can do in a small package, such as a tablet, you can do better and cheaper in a larger form factor since you don't have the same kind of heat and power limitations.

HammadTheBeast2282d ago

Right now tablets barely reach PS2.5 graphics, the games are so bad it's hilarious, and the whole idea is bad.

MWong2282d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself.

SilentNegotiator2282d ago

Tablets will never take over because battery tech is crap and no matter how powerful the small chips, the larger dedicated cards/chips will be more powerful.

Streaming will never take over because grids are expensive and gamers don't want to pay for the privilege to use them (OnLive was supposed to have a paid sub, but dropped the idea when gamers laughed off the service).

Physical, dedicated, normal-sized hardware isn't going anywhere.

pixelsword2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

"Somehow, NVIDIA has managed to imbue tablets with insane graphical capabilities. As this technology is adopted, the consequences to the video game industry could be immense."

I dunno, people don't seem to really like souped-up graphics on small hand-held things or portables; I mean, how many people you know have a gaming laptop?

At any rate, hat's what people said about the Lynx, Vita, and other small handhelds and they never caught on in a large way, and they were both very advanced for their respective times...

clrlite2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

"Ps5 will be pocket sized."

Yeah and underpowered due to thermal, battery, space limitiations, the lack of a fan, difficulties making chips down near the 20 nm scale, etc. etc.

I would be happier if most of the focus went into making it better, not smaller.

Also, they are just talking of tablets touching PS3 level graphics, so I dont know which branch of Nvidia this author works for.

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dcj05242282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

When we reach a point where mobile chips catch up to consolse's that'll be interesting. Remember. A console updates every 5-8 years. Tablet hardware updates every 6-12 months. It may just outpace consoles.

DeadlyFire2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

NEVER happen. That is why the cloud exists. Bandwidth will catch up faster than devices. The island looks nice, but Call of Duty looks better than the island demo and the face demo is just a face. Anyone can render a HD face if that is the only thing inside the world you create. Put more stuff in there and you have performance hit with that amount of detail. NVIDIA is just baiting.

Only great thing about Logan is that its NVIDIA's next Tegra jump. Still won't reach this console generation's power.

kneon2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Don't be surprised if you see the consoles updated every 3-4 years.

Both Sony and Microsoft have gone x86 and I expect they will stick with it. They could easily release a fully backwards compatible console in a few years that is several time more powerful than the next gen consoles.

It would start looking like the pc world from the development perspective, only instead of 1000's of hardware and driver combinations to deal with they would only have a few different configurations.

Kleptic2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

deadly fire...internet bandwidth will NEVER catch up to devices...for multiple reasons...If you really think internet bandwidth will ever reach data processing speeds of a local, even simple, probably shouldn't be talking about this stuff at all...

All this cloud stuff so far for the next generation is nothing but marketing...Nvidia is getting some new programming going mixed with state of the art hardware, and getting somewhere...but that has NOTHING to do with how far behind the average residential broadband connection has in terms of bandwidth...

just a 2 minute read on what kind of data bandwidth even a ps3 uses locally...and you'll see how ridiculous all this stuff is only going to work in non-real time environments...if you have to interact with the code in any real time way, it simply doesn't work when you factor in home internet connections...

lastly...just look at the contradiction from Nvida with all this to begin with...People really believe they're going to come up with some magic cloud service that defeats the need for anything but a display device?...they're just going to systematically sever their own gpu sales division?...its a marketing gimmick...nothing more...they'll eventually show some 'added cloud features' compatible with high end gpu's that, of course, only they sell...and there will be a ridiculous subscription...and its going no where...

i promise...'cloud tech' in the video game just the next way to package and sell won't do anything that can't be done locally...but for whatever reason...these companies think we'd rather hear 'cloud' over and over instead of just having our own machine do it...

SilentNegotiator2282d ago

Tablets also have to not catch on fire and last more than 13 seconds with battery life.

ginsunuva2282d ago

It's true. Mobile tech will catch up within 10 years

clrlite2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

There is no set timescale since tablets have serious battery, thermal, space, chip size, etc. limitations.

When it comes to do anything intensive, tablets are hot garbage.

They have their place and also their limitations.

Nothing wrong with laptops with 32+ GB RAM, 8 cores, 2,000GB HD, dedicated graphics, etc. btw :]

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Psn8002282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

No thank you because tablets are good for what they do but Consoles are far better .in what they do gaming .

DragonKnight2282d ago

How many "new technologies" were going to "destroy console gaming" over the years? Stop with they hyperbole, it's not going to happen. Especially not because of nVidia.

SilentNegotiator2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

You're just mad because Tablets, OnLive, and the Grid are demolishing consoles and pc GPUs. There's no more room for consoles or PCs in this business.


chaldo2282d ago


Dude I bet you've never owned a gaming PC and you're just saying that because the next gen consoles have AMD.

You get butthurt when nvidia talks about new stuff and all of you here try to act like nvidia is talking sh*t about PS4. Please stop yourself fanboy.

In the PC industry, Nvidia destroys AMD

AzureskyZ2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I think the author is lost in the sauce--- nvidia new technology im sure will amaze-- but fundamentally tablet games will never replace consoles for several different reasons-- first tablet games are mostly enjoyed in burst. Lengthy, epic games, pricier games are more tailored to console. Two the platforms dont stay stagnant-- games for ios and android have to be versatile to meet the demands of everyones use, in way its alot like pc but unlike pc it isnt upgradable and it sure as hell not gonna beat it out on specs. Third you can put an attachment and what not but most people dont play complex games on tablets as much as simple games like angry bird or candy crush which arent resource hogs. Honestly i dont think this is a "game" changer per say but for multimedia application it could be huge. I would like a tablet that could use all codecs mkv and all running 1080p without any hickups.

@ Ouya and whatever google decides to choose to make-- yeah i rather not buy it-- google overhauls their oses and devices too often-- and likewise their game is still tailored for all their devices

ATi_Elite2282d ago

......and I told people a million times that within 12 months after the PS4/XB1 release that TABLETS would be just as powerful if not more so than the new consoles.

Many people Laughed, hit disagree, said I was crazy but looky here.


AzureskyZ2281d ago

Technology is changing rapidly-- but its unlikely the tablet will be as efficient at utilizing its resources than say a console--- plus tablet is only good for certain type of games-- ever try playing fps or rpg on a tablet its pretty damn awful. I doubt tablets will reach the gaming fidelity of a console anytime soon-- their are several concerns with having that much power-- first of all power comsumption, ios/android cpu usage, heating issue comes to mind-- technically speaking cell phones and tablets have long since been more powerful than the vita, but i have yet to see a game that rivals the vita in handhelds-- lets see if this stuff can even beat the vita before we talk shit about next gen consoles.

ShabbaRanks2281d ago

NVIDIA look really scared right now. They lost the console market, they are loosing the phone market and AMD are surpassing them graphic card wise at the moment. I think they are pissed that Sony and MS didn’t take them for next gen. Oh poor NVIDIA

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jaredhart2283d ago

Maybe it's because I'm old now, but technology moves too damn fast these days.

CommonSense2282d ago

No kidding. I was watching an episode of Scrubs from 2007, and they were bragging about their awesome flip phones.

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nosferatuzodd2282d ago

nvidias but hurt they are out for blood

BiggCMan2282d ago

Umm, no. They may be a bit cocky and arrogant at times, but they have the best hardware out there, period. They have the best developer support on PC over AMD, and graphics cards that always one up AMD. It's true that AMD comes off more friendly of a business, which is fine. But irrelevant when it comes to a purchase.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx2282d ago

Well they haven't upped amd yet as amd currently have the most powerful consumer graphics card on the market the hd7990

BiggCMan2282d ago

Right. But that is also a dual GPU, which many people don't like. Basically it is back and forth between the two of them.

Nvidia will then come out with their 790 that will be top dog for a while. Then maybe a successor to the Titan, which is currently the best single GPU on the market.

Then AMD will eventually come out with their 8000 series etc.. Neither of them is bad, but Nvidia has more developer support, and more game features such as PhysX, which I will no longer play games without.

NarooN2282d ago

As you said, when it comes to GPU's, who has the most "powerful" cards is a constant flip-flop between both companies. And honestly, I don't know anyone personally who has the cash to shell out $1000 every time they release their new high-end SKU's to proclaim they have the fastest card on the market, but I'm sure some people are like that. Those super-expensive GPU's don't matter to a vast majority of gamers.

Also the HD 8000 series already exists and is "out", it is just a re-brand for OEM's and isn't anything special. AMD's actual new GPU architecture will be the HD 9000 series which releases in a couple months or so.

As for Physx, eh, that's really the only reason anyone has to buy an Nvidia card over an AMD one nowadays. It hardly gets used in games and usually when it does, it's pretty unimpressive (lol jello fluid simulations in Borderlands 2, anyone?). I messed around with Physx for about 3 years, didn't see a single game that blew my mind except for Cryostasis.

Dasteru2282d ago


Butt* And no Nvidia isn't butt hurt, Sony offered the PS4s chip manufacturing to Nvidia first. ATI were the leftovers Sony was stuck with because Nvidia refused to do it.


Nvidia hasn't released their next dual gpu card yet, the HD7990 is a dual gpu, the GTX 780 is a single. Wait for the 790 then compare.

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ginsunuva2282d ago

Someone wrote this article. Nvidia never said a word.

sinjonezp2282d ago

But", perhaps in response to the gradual decline of the PC market, NVIDIA has been shifting into mobile."
The writer does not back this information up with factual data. According to netherelm, Mk on PC is beating expectations and ea stated sales on PC is quadruple that of consoles. Once I got to this point I just stop. However its great to see nvidia taking the initiative to compete. I personally applaud nvidia because they constantly update drivers for products, and offer top of the line graphic solutions. Anything improving the gaming industry is great right now. Competition among business will breath great innovations. Good times to just be a gamer, whether you pre ordered a ps4, xb1, tablet, or bought gtx760-80, or and 7970-90, or 8970, right now we are moving towards better quality content.

ginsunuva2282d ago

Consoles are on the decline. Gaming PC's are making a comeback but only slightly in comparison to mobile.