Does the dramatically changed Xbox One deserve a second chance?

It hasn’t quite been three months since the Xbox One was announced, but Microsoft’s next-gen console is already a radically different machine to the one we first saw at the end of May. Following a luke-warm reveal and a disastrous E3, where Xbox was rejected by gamers and openly mocked by Sony, the U-turns have come thick and fast. They've spawned plenty of memes--‘Xbox 180’ being the most popular. Joking aside, there’s little doubt that the new version of Xbox One is much more aligned with the demands of gamers, but does it deserve that second chance Microsoft is so obviously craving?

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NatureOfLogic2289d ago

Imho, No. I've seen MS for what they really are. Will a few changes a couple of months after trying to screw me change my mind, absolutely not.

allformats2289d ago

Xbox One has committed many sins. It needs salvation.

Tony-A2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I just want to hear why they thought any of that bull was a good idea to begin with. Their vision was so far off from what anyone was willing to cope with that it makes me wonder what the hell they were thinking.

For me to give them a second chance, I'd need a written, signed document or something saying that they will never attempt to bring any of that back after they develop an install base. All of these flip-flops makes me nervous that they could just wait for the right time to flip everything back.

darthv722289d ago

A second chance? There are many who never even gave it a first chance so them likely giving it a second are pretty far off.

On topic though, all these changes MS have made are pre launch. in this day and age you cant keep any info quiet for long. Not like the old days of magazines where you had to wait a month between issues for any new info on an upcoming system release.

But i guess making changes prior to launch are seen just a bad as if they were to make them post release. they are damned if they do and damned if they dont.

the bigger question is would gamers (on either side) have respected Ms if they just stuck to their guns instead of trying to please everyone? if you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one.

Gridloc2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

What Microsoft won't say is that the mastermind behind this fiasco is now the CEO at Zinga... The Hitler of gaming... I know, I said it....

thechosenone2289d ago

This has to be the worst console launch in gaming history.

Dee_912289d ago

xbox deserves second chance in my book and thats why im getting one. does MSFT ? as of now .. no, thats why im getting one used.MSFT will have to prove themselves to me before I start supporting them again. Just like EA

Godmars2902289d ago

MS as a company committed the sins. Chief among them was obviously putting their own concerns above the consumers they "wished" to sell their product to. Or rather the expectation that everyone would buy their console and adhere to all their policies.

dedicatedtogamers2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Every company deserves a second chance if and only if they drastically change their behavior. I'm willing to give MS a second chance if they prove themselves over the next several years but I have limited time. I'm not about to waste money on a console that isn't going to provide me the absolute peak of gaming quality. Right now, PS4 is the safe bet in that department.

To be honest, I was an Xbox gamer since Day One of the original Xbox all the way up to when my 360 Red-ringed in 2008. I've been a Microsoft gamer since the days MS-DOS. I've learned to be leery of Microsoft. I'd be happy to pass on an Xbox system instead of one day Microsoft re-implementing all the policies and feeling like a fool for trusting them.

dedicatedtogamers2289d ago


"would gamers (on either side) have respected Ms if they just stuck to their guns instead of trying to please everyone?"

That's a good question. The way I look at it, the Xbox One reveal (and all the stuff surrounding it) was the catalyst for the rage, not the cause. Discontent for the Xbox brand has been brewing for years ever since Microsoft made a very clear move away from the "hardcore" market in pursuit of the Wii audience. I mean, the issues with Xbox One were one thing, but how can you explain the rotten PR? The mixed messaging? The constant backpedaling? The company re-org?

The Xbox One was a big, pulsating cold sore, but even though they've rubbed Abreva all over it, the herpes remains.

I think the nagging doubt in a lot of people's minds (in many cases, doubt brought to the surface by the last few months) is this: Is Microsoft capable - as a company - of supporting a hardcore gaming console over the long haul?

ABizzel12289d ago


I personally can't support anything regarding the XB1, and hopefully Valve's Steambox is real, because this is their one and only chance to take market-share with the Wii U and XB1 having tons of negative press.

That being said I thank you for your honesty about still wanting to support the Xbox brand (and thus gaming), but moreso, because of you buying your console used prevent M$ from profiting after their vile mistreatment of consumers.

creatchee2289d ago


"I'm not about to waste money on a console that isn't going to provide me the absolute peak of gaming quality. Right now, PS4 is the safe bet in that department."

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but nothing about the PS4 launch titles (or any future ones shown up until now) screams "absolute peak of gaming quality". Driveclub? Knack? Killzone? Do any of those strike you as games that justify the much celebrated superior specs of the PS4? inFamous Second Son looks incredible, but is it anything other than a graphical improvement over the other two games in the series?

I'm not saying that the PS4 won't provide awesome experiences or that the Xbox One will. However, you are setting your expectations to a level where you will only be disappointed. And you're disqualifying a console that could very well produce games that are better.

Will the PS4 be better graphically? Who cares? I'm talking about BETTER. More fun. More connected. More enjoyable. Those descriptors have nothing to do with horsepower, and they have everything to do with the "absolute peak of gaming quality".

Tony-A2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )


This is where my argument about the use of launch titles as valuable tools when debating the better console comes into play.

No matter what the company, or the console, you aren't going to get the peak of game quality and production polish that you're looking for. Launch titles aren't used for that. If that were the case, consoles would be sold after less than a year of purchase because everyone already got a taste of the "cream of the crop", so to speak.

No, instead, launch titles are used as an excuse to bring in the bare minimum interest in compelling software and show the gamers who buy into it the brand new features that their hardware is capable of.

At no point within the first year will you see the highest quality titles from either system. These launch titles aren't there to boast the graphical capabilities to the extent that we get later on in the life cycle. It's simply used to bring in an initial audience and show off the new bells and whistles these consoles have.

I can see the PS4 pulling ahead slightly in graphical comparisons in the future and, with the many studios they own, a wider variety of more enjoyable titles. It's only a matter of time, but I wouldn't put it past Sony to deliver on the fun factor. They've done it 3 generations running.

No_Limit2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

LOL second chance. ROFL. For Sony fans, was there even a first chance they would buy a XB1 in the first place?

creatchee2289d ago


I agree that Sony has provided a lot of great titles in the past. I have enjoyed many games on PS1, PS2, and PS3. However, my point is that that doesn't guarantee that PS4 will produce games on the level that Dedicated is describing. And, given that, one cannot say that Xbox One will not provide comparable or better experiences.

rainslacker2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )


One can never say for sure what the future will bring. That's pretty apparent. What DTG and Tony were getting at though is that if you're going to place your bet on a console and be an early adopter, to them, it's better to take the safe bet on the company that has consistently shown that it can deliver on the experience that one is looking for.

This is why Sony has such a loyal fan base, because for the most part, they deliver consistently and reliably.

JokesOnYou2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Xbox fans just have to have thick skin, this site approves negative news that regurgitates the same news but positive news that wasnt originally covered gets marked as duplicate because its the same topic by a different site.

Also notice that even with the constant negativity its only the same fanboys or now new fanboy accounts that say "oh I was a xbox fan but now I will never give them a 2nd chance" its become a really transparent stealth trolling trying to give a unbiased apoearance. lol as if the console already launched with all the policies they cried about.

The folks like me are actually dissapointed with the backtracking policies that actually go against the original more future thinking approach and grateful for the things where they give you more like a headset now and make it open to indies....but again lets be clear all this grandstanding about trust is BS because its no coincidence that its the same people over and over again complaining like they did the whole lifecycle of the 360, while those fans of the 360 are eagerly awaiting the X1 still. I'd like to really see someone unbiased or for or agianst thats truly had a change of heart but I'm betting when the consoles launch we'll generally see this same trend= Nothings changed, when the dust settles and all the sites get their hits early adopters who support ps4 will get it, same for X1 but after that here in America at least Im sure X1 will do better longterm because of its core games, online strength and now it simply does more than ps4 out of the box.

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Pushagree2289d ago

The only thing Xbox One deserves is to be the contemporary Dreamcast. I consider all the hate MS is getting right now to be karma for what should have happened when RROD's stats were revealed.

karl2289d ago

they are not evil but xbox one is a mistake..

they need to go back home and do some homewrk..

next gen they can come back with a real system and some real exclusives..

Kleptic2289d ago

one thing is certain...their mistakes are on par with Sega...pretty much ANY other company that tried what MS did over the past few months, as well as went through the public hardware beta of 2006-2009...wouldn't be in the industry any more...

I'm indifferent...everything MS has changed has actually been stuff that directly applies to my interests...if they turn around before launch and offer one without kinect...i might be getting two consoles for next generation...but if they keep the current price and force the now irrelevant camera with it, i won't even consider one until price drops show up late next year or so...

we'll see...I actually don't 'hate' MS like some people do for whatever reason...and i'm one of the few that is actually pretty happy with windows 8...but MS does look pretty ridiculous right now...After proudly trumpeting this 'new' vision of the future, they're left cowering in the corner; backpedaling on every single policy they introduced this summer...its pretty rare that companies that big, with that much money, miss the mark that bad...

Saddam_hussein2289d ago

You ever get tired of yourself?

Hicken2289d ago

You ever get tired of defending Microsoft?

RedHawkX2289d ago

I agree no second chances and ms still needs to go deeper by lowering the price to 349.99 removing kinect, lowering xbl price, adding value to xbl and removing the paywall for xbox one aps that should be free. on top of that they gonna need to show me games for more then 3 years in a row because with th x36o that didnt have many games and just did kinect crap.

My_Outer_Heaven2289d ago

Well said!, I will certainly be voting with my wallet PS4 all the way for me.

thetruthx12289d ago

Oh another whimpering wussy article for people to complain about bad features that didn't even go into effect

*Clicks back to the homepage*

trafalger2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

first post by NatureOfLogic,

"Imho, No. I've seen MS for what they really are. Will a few changes a couple of months after trying to screw me change my mind, absolutely not."

how about we get a better understanding of the community, ok?

"halo halo halo, that's all i hear from you xbots/ I've played halo, had fun but i was young, halo is for kids, I once seen this one kid cryin his eyes out cause he couldn't play halo. PS3 is in 3rd place right now but to me it seems like the 360 is in 3rd place trying to play catch up and keep up, truth be told without natal 360 wouldn't last another 2 years."

that was taken from over 1300 days ago from the same person. long before the xbone was even announced. it was one of this members first posts.

that isn't even uncommon. I just picked the very first person who commented. this is largely what the n4g community represents. i just got a pm from DragonKnight. he seemed pissed because i responded to one of his blogs. something he seems to have oodles of time doing. it was 'stop the pretense' or something along those lines. another whinefest trying to pull himself away of this sony fanboy label others have attached to him, but if the shoe fits.

this is what we have here, a bunch of sony fanboys running around looking to stir up action. why? doesn't sony have a ton of games? isnt there a lot of sony exclusives to play or is this more fun? to troll and act like a shill for sony? there was a reason i went after DragonKnight, he has a lot more bubbles than i do so he should represent the community here. im just a noobie. so if he is rewarded for what he does here what does that say? it tells me this place is not for me. why would i want to argue about nothing, every day? the guy was in a xbone topic defending sony and how they got hacked. how long ago was that? dont you people have better things to do? i guess not. so instead of ignoring or staying away from a product you are not interested in what do they do? the complete opposite. how utterly stupid is that? thats why this is all just a game to them. to get a reaction because in real life they are probably ignored and if they did act this way in real life, good luck.

then this DragonKnight acts like the victim yet hes all too eager to go after others who dare say anything bad about the ps3 or ps4. a very insecure person. one who is quick to dish it out but block you or report you any chance he gets. what is wrong with you people? i have always loved sony products, have for years. they make great hardware and certainly have excellent game studios. isn't that enough? why continue to go out of your way to act like a doofus that must put the xbone down every chance you get? if you have issues with m$ take it up with them. this site is supposed to be about gaming but it looks like its instead riddled with fanboys and trolls. which is why i rarely make any more comments. its embarrassing. like a bunch of rejects who couldn't cut it on gamefaqs which is also notorious for fanboys.

some of you need to change hobbies because what you've done is erode what is fun about playing videogames. we should all be getting along, sharing this hobby, together. not acting like snobs and elitists like xbox fans have leprosy or something.

so go ahead, mark my post, whine to the mods i'm picking on you. who cares when its obvious most of you would never act this way if you couldn't hide behind your anonymity.

CerebralAssassin2289d ago

Dude it swear we would see rumbles in the street if this forum wasnt full of kids. I actually hate visiting this site now because of the comments. Theres not but arguing on every page you go to.

xbone vs ps4
cod vs bf

This doesnt get old at any point? Go play a game instead of arguing over them people.

rainslacker2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

k, thanks for adding something meaningful to the conversation or topic at hand I guess.

CerebralAssassin2289d ago

I dont understand how they were attempting to screw you over. How is it you feel this way?? Thats not sarcasm nor am I looking for a troll response. I dont feel like they were screwing over anyone with the exception of people not having an internet connection. If you could please explain yourself as to how they were going to screw you over I would appreciate it.

on another note, what did you see MS for that you didnt before the xbox one? And whats wrong with them changing their policy? You seem like you hated their policies. But since they changed their policy, they still dont have your approval. The only people I still see have a problem is playstation players. And if your one of those people then why do you care in first place.

die_fiend2289d ago

How they were attempting to screw us over?

1) No renting games, all pre owned sales being digitally enforced so that they get a sweet cut
2) Paying in excess of $100/£80 for Kinect, even if you don't want it
3) Making everyone buy a mic (which almost everyone on Live would need)
4) Making us buy several expensive battery packs or use batteries with the slap in the face gesture that is 2 x AA batteries

What I don't get is how I'm having to explain how they were trying to screw people over. People who wanted the next gen to be two great consoles are disappointed with this fool! The Xbox One has already tried all of the above, then gone back on most of it in can u not be nervous of how it will be when it's out? It's been in development for years and all these knee jerk panics at the last second isn't a good sign.

CerebralAssassin2289d ago


I dont see people bitching about steam and not being able to play used games there. So whats the problem? Essentially you want to rent a game, play it then beat it, and move on? How does the game developer see any of the money to keep their project or next project going? If every gamer rented all their games, there wouldnt be a game industry.

I disagree with their ability to unplug the kinect. By them making it a focal point with their system, it encourages developers to put more into their game creating a better experience for us. But since it is able to be unplugged they should create a stand alone console to sell as well. Which they probably will.

the whole mic thing was stupid as well, yet here we are, mic in box with the system. Ya say they screw us over yet you havent spent a dime on this system.

its people with the mind set like this is the reason why they changed much as they have. Gamers have their hands out expecting something for nothing. Hkw about you actually put your money where your mouth is and put money back into the industry.

sony nor ms will sell their system at a profit so it comes down to video game sales and accessories. You $20 investment in a mic would have went a long way when added tl the millions of other gamers buying it. But no, you feel like your owed a mic because you paid 500 for the system. Sorry but they dont owe you shit. You got what you paid for. Stop expecting free shit.

Who rents games anymore anyway. If you have enough money to shell out 500 for a new system, you should be able to afford the games used on said system. You should also be able to afford internet. If you cant do such things yet you purchase a 400-500 piece of entertainment then your priorities are fucked up and you need to reevaluate your life.

Syntax-Error2289d ago

NO? What have they done for ANYONE to say no? The console isn't even released yet? Sony released the PS3 for $600 and dropped the price twice that year down to $400 and never offered a rebate to it's original launch customers. You forgave them but crucify MS for WHAT?! Damn hypocrites

Hicken2289d ago

Price drops are a part of any product's life. You're not guaranteed to any difference in price between what you paid for and what the price becomes after you buy it. Sure, it's a nice gesture when a company does it, but no product maker is obligated to give you a damn thing.

Even bringing that up is utterly ridiculous.

CerebralAssassin2289d ago


theres nothing ridiculous about that. Very sokid point. That system didnt come with shit yet it managed to drop $200 in 12 months. I know many people that got burned on that. Its just funny to watch people defend sony til they are blue in the face.

rainslacker2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

All of Sony's "price cuts" were when they discontinued an SKU. The system released in November of 2006 in the US. It wasn't until October of 2007 that they stopped having a model that didn't cost $600, but even then it was still $499(80GB model).

It wasn't until August of 2009 that they had a model at $299, but still had a $399 model(160GB), again a $100 price cut from $499.

The people that you say got burned...I imagine you mean the first month adopters, all had their models discontinued within the first year for higher capacity hard drive versions, or the 40GB version. Those people may have been burned then, but those systems are the most valuable today due to having BC. They will get more for them, so fair trade in my eyes.

None of the individual PS3 SKU's got a $200 worth of price drop in the first 12 months. At most, it was $100, and was replaced by a higher capacity model until the slims came out, which was in August of 2009, for $299.

Sony made significant cuts to the PS3's hardware in order to get to that price. It wasn't all just rosy with people getting the same hardware. There are tangible differences between the 1st year SKU's and those that came out after.

I'd also like to point out that Sony having a $600 system is just a ache on the wallet. That's a far cry from the things that MS tried to pass off on the consumer. The only reason the X1 price seems so high is in relation to the PS4. If PS4 were the same price, people would just bitch about having to pay for a camera, and would want to pay less by not having it they are now.

Syntax-Error2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Rainslacker, Sony was justified by fanboys for the $600 price point because of what they were getting. Microsoft is also justified in it's price point of a $100 for including kinect, so I dont understand your argument? They are not the same price because of that reason. The 360 did not have a blu-ray drive and Sony fanboys said they didnt mind paying $200 more for a blu-ray drive when the PS3 came out, so none of this negative shit MS is getting is justified unless you're a bonifide Sony fanboy

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JunioRS1012289d ago

IMO it deserves LESS of a chance now than it did before the first 180.

Clearly they don't have faith in their own strategies... Haha, I want a PS4 because they seem to know what they're doing, which is focusing on pleasing the core gamer, which I am, so I agree with that strategy, and will support them where it counts: the wallet.

CerebralAssassin2289d ago

Know what they are doing? They have no idea. Their strategy is to wait until MS makes a move then counter it with something. We arent voting for our next president. Sony needs to stop fucking around and show us they fucking system and stop waiting for MS to do something. The ps4 is a glorified ps3 with better graphics. Nothing impressive or jaw dropping. It does nothing different from os3 except party chat which should have been in ps3 from the start.

xbox one isnt supper impressive either fanboys. We are past the days of being wowed with game systems. Good graphics and quicker load times is all thats left to improve.

VENOMACR2289d ago

I planned on buying the X1 from day one. Even the old policies. I don't mind change. Sharing games virtually with family and friends was a great idea. I would have had such a variety of games to choose from and never have to step foot in Crapstop (which is the biggest rip off store in the business). The always on didn't bother me because everyone I know has an internet connection, including me so I could care less. The Kinect, I'd use it for Skype.

I don't even care that they changed all of this to be more like the POS4 because everyone was crying and wetting themselves. Microsoft tried to do something different, big deal. Every company takes chances. Sony last year tried to sell you a POS3 for $600-$700. They learned and the only way they could compete with Microsoft this generation was to sell their system at a cheaper cost and aimed directly at gamers, basically make the POS3 better and it worked. Microsoft gambled and they lost. I still prefer Live over PS+, I prefer the Xbox controller vs PS, and the first party gamers I like better on Xbox. I've got a POS3 and have 3 games for it, I basically bought it just for MLB The Show.

I don't think anyone that wasn't going to buy one all of a sudden is going to buy one. Your statement "Ive seen MS for what they really are." What, a company trying to make money? Try something different? Sony gave you FREE online gaming, now they want to charge you for it. Why? Because they are a company trying to make a profit. They didn't try to screw you, they arent a used car dealer who's trying to sell you a 1998 Civic as a 2013 Civic. They laid everything out, either you like it or dont, thats the bottom line.

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jaredhart2289d ago

Microsoft was willing to screw over any and everybody, until the PS4 turned it all on its head.

black0o2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

before E3 spike tv reported that sony'll follow MS foot steps in the drm and then everyone was like typical sony and yet sony kept it cool and just turned the table at e3

sony's plan for ps4 is clear since FEB, and MS has done so many 180s that x1 today isnt the same x1 at 05/21/2013

Syntax-Error2289d ago

Black0o I told everyone the same thing and even linked an article about DRM being Sony's plan a year ago and people still give Sony a pass. Sony lost the patent in court and even Pachter mentioned this a week ago in his Pach-Attack on GameTrailers. Site is full of Sony fans that are incapable of comprehending logic. They repeat what they hear like parrots instead of finding the truth on their own.

black0o2289d ago

and yet sometime ppl call sony's fanboy

VENOMACR2289d ago

If you don't mind, please explain how they tried to screw over everyone. Did they tell you about the always on and check in policy? Yes. Did they tell you about used games policy? Yes. Did they tell you about Kinect always having to be connected? Yes. Did they tell you what Xbox Gold covers? Yes.

To imply that they are out to screw everyone over would mean they hid stuff that no one found out about until after they purchased it or something that came as a shock or surprise you didn't know about. If you brought the system home and didn't have an internet and they didnt tell you that, then yes you got screwed. They laid it all out there. The only person/thing getting screwed was Crapstop which is good because you want to talk about a company that rips off it's consumers, look at them. "Heres $25 for that brand new game you bought. Oh you want that other brand new games, we got one used, $55."

Wizziokid2289d ago

How can you expect the consumer to have faith in a product you obviously have no faith in?

All these 180's are just MS begging for the consumer at this point. They need a better R&D team next time around and better market research.

JohnS13132289d ago

Microsoft needs to be knocked down about 1,000 pegs. They got way too big and greedy. It would be nice to see them have a lot of problems for the next decade. All they've been doing the last 20 years is try to ruin everyone else. Hopefully the Xbone ends up bombing.

2289d ago
pyramidshead2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Well I've gone from not buying one at all to considering it down the line. I'm sure a lot of people have done the same.

Tony-A2289d ago

I'm considering it as well for a year or more down the line. I need some space to see if the games develop to a point where I'll need an XBO for the exclusives, since none are appealing to me at the moment (except for maybe one). I'm also waiting as long as possible to see if they put all the awful policies back.

HowarthsNJ2289d ago

Waiting a bit never hurts. Then we see what's what and how many promises are kept.