SSR Ep47: Microsoft locks more features behind a paywall & Brothers gets us emotional

+Game recording gets locked behind Xbox Live Gold

+Gamestop offering $50 trade in for next gen ports

+Saints Row IV has the best marketing

+Papers, Please is intense

+Brothers gets Perry emotional

+Charlie Murder gets brawly

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YNWA961895d ago

Number 1. Samsung buying xbox division.

Belking1895d ago

yea Is that because they have already put sony out of the tv

Rimeskeem1895d ago

The sony tvs that i have had were really good

HammadTheBeast1895d ago

Just for you.

MS is getting trashed in terms of mobile which they invested billions in by Samsung, Apple, and even Sony.

faysal1895d ago

they put sony out of tv business? you mean with cheap crap tv? last time i check sony dont want to sell cheap tv like samsung. sony tv stands for quality. oh and sony tv devision is back to profit too, so much for beign put out of business! idiot

AzureskyZ1895d ago

If they are out of business then who is selling the badass 4k tv i saw at nebraska furniture mart?

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YNWA961895d ago

Facepalm.... people actually responded with oh my Sony TV is actually very good.... well it should be for the price you pay for it! As good as the much cheaper Samsungs....Hammad, Samsung and Apple only.... Sony too are just like MS, a molecule in the ocean when it comes to mobile...

Pogue19061895d ago

I wish people would stop bringing up the paywall argument as a negative issue of the xbone, because us x-boys & girls don't look at it that way. We've had xb-live for years now and don't have any intentions on getting rid of it. Most of us get it by the year, so we're locked in. We get it to play online, so netflix and all the other stuff that you need a gold account to get access to is gravy. By gravy i mean free. Hell, they can put the whole console behind this so called paywall. It wouldn't make 48 million of us any diffrence. So suck it.

porkChop1895d ago

I hope you realize the "48 million" Xbox Live accounts include the free Silver accounts, of which there are many millions.

Regardless of what you say and think, Netflix access isn't "free" because you're paying for XBL to be able to have that access, on top of paying the Netflix subscription itself.

Talk about being delusional, geez.

Migster2571895d ago

The console is behind a pay wall...... Why do you think you have to buy it before being able to fully use it? I'm not even bashing on the X1. I am going to bash on you though. But I'm not sure this would be considered bashing.

Anyway, so, being a fanboy is not a good thing. You seem to not care if anything is put behind a pay wall. What's up with your logic? I'd gladly buy an X1 if the consoles were switched up. Having XBL is not a negative thing. In fact, it's good they have it. It's to pay for a better online service. But to put so many things behind XBL is just absurd.

People will keep bringing up the pay wall argument. It's a negative thing. Why can't you just accept that Microsoft is ripping you off? What, did you become loyal to this console? They sure as hell aren't loyal to you, I'm not saying Sony is either though. Maybe you should have thought about getting it for the year? Seriously, if that's the reason you buy an X1, then you are plain stupid. What, you don't have another choice because you already bought it? Well, you'll save more if you don't buy the X1. Sure, the membership gets wasted, but better than an entire 5-7 years.

VENOMACR1895d ago

Then I guess your OK with paying to play online for PS. Its OK for them to charge for a service that was once free and now Sony wants to get in on the action, but I guess that's OK with you.

People are such hypocrites. Majority of Xbox Gold users have Live to play games online, not search the web or watch Netflix. I pay for live to play online, the other stuff is just add on's to me. I dont know anyone who has Live and doesn't use it for gaming.

You yourself are a fanboy for bashing someone's thought. Why can't YOU accept that Sony is ripping you off for making you pay to play now? I dont care that those items are behind a paywall. No rational person is buying a PS or Xbox to browse the internet, watch Netflix, or look at YouTube. So if your already paying $40 for Xbox Live to play online, what's the big deal with including a bunch of other features? Sony could have stayed free but no, they are a business just like every other business and they want to make money. Stop being so naive.

Rimeskeem1895d ago

I was agreeing with you until you said suck it and now im mad so ill just say one more thing and leave you to it

*clears throat*


JackBNimble1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

You hard cores don't care about the pay wall because you're going to buy xbox live any way. But what about the casual who may not care about the online feature?

I sure hope the casual and none gamer do their home work and realise all the xbones features are behind a pay wall.

The only thing on ps4 that is behind a pay wall is online gaming.
You don't need a PS+ account for any other feature including free to play games or Netflix.

You Xbox guys can't even use your TV feature with out live... what's up with that? And why would you defend such stupidity?

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Gamer6661895d ago

Sony makes you pay for online by giving away free games and putting online multiplayer behind a pay wall for PS4.

Microsoft makes you pay for online by putting most of their online services in the offering. But instead of free games, they do weekly discounts and event sales on digital content far more often than Sony does on PSN Plus.

What is the real difference? Both consoles have about the same attach rate for paid subscribers...

XBL gold subscribers are paying directly for the online services they are getting and Microsoft has never made consumers believe they are paying for anything else.

Meanwhile, PS gamers feel they are getting free games for their subscription. But, really what they are doing is paying for Sony to provide an online service and Sony is providing them with something that does not cost them anything to deliver (aka free games - The development and publishing of the free games are already paid for).

porkChop1895d ago

1) Sony has PS+ deals/discounts every single week. Most of the time they're between 25% to 50% off. Every week.

2) The Instant Game Collection is not free for Sony to provide. Sony has to pay the publishers and developers for the games that are given away with PS+.

3) "Microsoft has never made consumers believe they are paying for anything else." That's actually untrue. When Microsoft raised the price of Xbox Live they said it was ok because of the "added value" of things like Netflix, Sports, etc. They have directly attributed free apps, and subscription-based apps to the price of Xbox Live Gold.

HakatoX1895d ago

and the then you add the "paid advertisement" you are forced to look at...

Deadpoolio1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

And after the launch of the XBO 6 months down the line when they raise Gold to $100 a year at least, that will be the exact same excuse they use because of the added value....

Anyone who thinks it's going to stay a $60 a year, while covering every account on 1 console is mentally retarded...They have to wait until all the features launch and everything is active before they jack up the price for gold. I would be shocked if it's less than $100 a year...With NOTHING free since Games for gold ends permanently in November

At least with PS+ all your paying for is MP which means they at least know they need to upgrade the online servers, and you get real bonuses like free games across 3 platforms if you have a PS3/PS4 and a Vita.... The discounts on things alone make it worth the $50

HakatoX1895d ago


PS+ covers the PSP as well.

oscarcat591895d ago

Have xbox gold so this services behind a paywall means nothing to me. It matters only if you do not want to pay for gold. Most I see complain about it have no intention of getting an xbox one. So I wonder why are they voicing their opinion here? Just a thought.

HakatoX1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Maybe those are people voicing why they wont pay for gold?
That combined with how not everyone's vision of a utopian society involves the inability to voice their opinions...

Sounds a little oppressive to me...

Just a thought...

I believe if MS takes your money, you shouldn't have to be forced to see or deal with the ads. It is a common practice on the net, why can't MS?

oscarcat591895d ago

Then here's freedom. Don't pay for it. You buy a product you like or walk away and buy the other instead. See simply the freedom you enjoy so much. Now if we could do that with taxes lol

HakatoX1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

but I like xbox. good games onthere and skyrim, fallout and others run better. I dont pay for gold. I am just posting why I dont. Instead of being an ignorant fanboy, I stated why I dont.

Love Sony, love their products. Hate their marketing.
Love MS, hate their policies torward bottom end user.