PS4 Vs Xbox One, and why it could all have been different

Edge:The bellicose phrase “console wars” has been used since at least the 1990s for the competition between manufacturers of videogame machines. Right now, however, the warfare is looking unusually asymmetrical. I write this five months before the release of PS4 and Xbox One, and I don’t remember there ever having been such a consensus as to the winner before launch. Sony has better specs. Developers, given a system architecture that wasn’t designed as an ingenuity test by some alien civilisation, have fallen in love with Sony all over again. And the PS4 looks cooler: those snazzily angled slabs shout ‘black ice sandwich of pure head-melting technology’.

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NatureOfLogic2284d ago

That was very well written article and a good read.

xHeavYx2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I wonder what the early Xbone adopters think now, that the One is so similar to the PS4 (though it's more expensive and less powerful)
The article is a little biased towards the PS4 yes but nothing said in the article is a lie. MS is so greedy that you have to pay to use Skype, something that they own, but something you can use for free on the PS4

Orange2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

But it can control your tv.

Btw, am I the only one who doesn't have cable anymore? Isn't everybody moving to Netflix or some other service? I could be missing the point...

GunsAndTheBeast2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

@xHeavYx completely agree with you, the sad thing about people is that they've fallen to the idea M$ is always improving and makes the PS4 not doing anything. But what they quickly forgot the fact that Xbox one had lots of problems from initial introduction all the way to this day; they're still improving it and the more they improve it the more the xbox one become similar to the PS4.

PS4 doesn't need further improvements currently because it's already been improved initially, but xbox one has lots of problems, fixing it to oblivious people seems like they're doing something great.

People need to get the facts straight just like xHeavYx said
-- it's more expensive and less powerful and most features are behind a paywall -- which the PS4 already has better features in the first place PS+ plus had to offer and more features outside paywall.

(I would say Sony is planning to give good news/some further improvements after Gamescom, i hope they're not getting lazy. But they did say they have plans in the future for the PS4.)

dethpuck2283d ago

Because everything should be free right? Tell Barack Obama to up your welfare payment so you can afford ps plus

ShinMaster2283d ago

@dethpuck ^

Are you seriously bringing political fanaticism to all this? *sigh* you people are ridiculous.

Kydawg2283d ago

@ dethpuck
Dickmove douchebag.

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2284d ago
Funantic12284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

When he said the PS4 looks better I knew he was bias. That's a matter of opinion. My opinion is that the X1 looks better. That doesn't matter. But I'm not writing articles either.

Godmars2902284d ago

Can you actually explain what's the difference between his opinion and yours? His "bias" and yours?

Because of the 360's example the Xb1 will certainly have a online and multiplayer advantages and MS with their resources have gotten early access to games and content, but at the same time over the three consoles they've been in the console gaming business they've created a poor foundation for gaming over all.

Meanwhile, Sony's on their fourth system and have directly supported them all. They've built upon their history which includes the mistakes of the PS3.

Funantic12283d ago

Microsoft has corrected many of their initial plans to please some of you and you're still crying. I never said my opinions matter. As a matter of fact I said they didn't matter. READ FIRST and comprehend before replying. My point was that the author was bias. AGAIN my opinions don't matter and neither does yours.

Gaming1012283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

lol anyone who claims the X-bone VCR-alike looks attractive needs to stop talking to the sock puppet on their hand and take off their tin foil hat.

The author is giving his opinion, it's not supposed to be unbiased. He isn't just boringly laying out spec sheets and facts, he's making an attempt at being interesting. Funantic1, however, is not.

Funantic12283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

What does the PS4 look like? It's weird and funny looking. It almost looks like a door stop. Enjoy your trapezoid.

MRMagoo1232283d ago

"Enjoy your trapezoid with the better hardware and cheaper price" fixed

Stevino1232283d ago Show
ShinMaster2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

"That's a matter of opinion"

Saying that he thinks the PS4 looks better IS an opinion.

You're saying that because his opinion differs from yours, it must be biased and somehow wrong? Oh but I'm sure YOUR opinion isn't biased right? It's only logical /s
Give me a break.

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cootdog1232284d ago

It is all different and that goes for the crapbox which every week changes its stance on its system.

Benchm4rk2283d ago

Good article. I often wonder about a world with only one console. Maybe a joint effort dubbed the Xstation wii or Playbox U even. And it could be overseen by a United Nations type model. On another note the last part about mobile phones and not having to worry about games playing better on other phones is not entirely accurate. I bought GTA Vice city and while it runs ok it doesn't run no where as smooth on mine as it does on my brothers phone. And it crashes from time to time on my phone

RandomDude6552283d ago

The ps2 generation was essentially a one console generation, and it was awesome.

Benchm4rk2283d ago

Not to me it wasn't. I purchased all 3 consoles and enjoyed gaming on all 3. Bought the ps2 first and loved playing Half Life, GT3 and GTA3. Wasn't really interested in the Xbox until playing Halo at a friends place and I was hooked. Bought one the next day. Love Nintendo's and have owned every one of them so I grabbed one of them last and had some of my best times on it. MGS twin snakes, Rogue Squadron, Mario sunshine and Zelda windwaker were my top ones. While I fully agree that by sales numbers most of the market went to Sony, I personally enjoyed gaming on all platforms that gen. While I think competition is great and its what makes companies try to innovate and compete with one another I do believe if they all got along and created one awesome console and all created games on it things would be easier from a consumers point of view. Imagine a joint hardware venture between Sony and Nintendo. They would create the most powerful(Sony) and most reliable(Nintendo) console ever. Then Microsoft develops the software and does the online side and we are golden. Well thays my opinion amyways

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