The COD3 Xbox 360 experience [X360]

Before going into mission details, a few words about how the game is looking and indeed sounding. COD3 on Xbox 360 is a huge leap technically over last year's excellent next-gen debut. Starting with your allies and enemies all freshly presented in silly detail, thanks to some new-fangled NASA scanning technology. We'd read all about this, but 'in the flesh' the soldiers look plenty more realistic in clothing that now hangs convincingly like heavy combat gear. In the "Night Drop" level it was pouring with rain too, so all the uniforms looked clingy and wet. You could feel the chill, adding to the misery of what lay ahead.

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borgome4469d ago (Edited 4469d ago )

I was already excited for this game, but after that read I'm even more psyched. Nasa scanning technolgy, sick!

FamoAmo4469d ago

I can't wait for this one. GOW and COD3 releasing the same day is crazy.. What do you play?

zonetrooper54469d ago

I'm gonna be killing lots of germans, amercains and british poeple over Xbox live muahahahahhaha.

I can not wait for this game.

USMChardcharger4469d ago

one thing from the interview that i was glad to hear from the Col. was this:

"But one of my disappointments would be that the German AI would seem to spawn from locations that you would not normally see people continually coming from. You didn't see a tactic that a very clever enemy would use. You wouldn't see a base of fire being established by the squad leader and you wouldn't see the fire team trying to swing around you."

that drove me crazy last game. they would unrealistically respawn out of no where. some times it was ok. but when you were taking a house and 20 germans would respawn out of the bathroom, i would go crazy. what in the hell were all of those Nazi doing in the bathroom together? lol

The Milkman4469d ago

Yea lol its funny and pisses me off when the game has enemys spawned in the most unlikely places.

But I think COD3 is going to be awesome being that I liked COD2 and COD3 looks even better in all ways.

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