Agent, What's Happening With This Mystery Game?

Agent is an upcoming game from Rockstar, creators of the Grand Theft Auto series. The game was originally given a release date of 2010, and was said to be coming to exclusively to Playstation 3. For a long time no one has really known anything about the game, and that much hasn't changed, but should you still be excited about it?

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XboxFun2288d ago ShowReplies(9)
King-Prodigy-X2288d ago

It will come out after GTA V exclusively on PS4.

colonel1792288d ago

I actually believe that if it still exist, then it will be multiplaform just like Versus.

KonsoruMasuta2288d ago

You do realize that SE and Rockstar are two different companies, right?

SuperLupe2288d ago


SE are two different companies alright. But if theres a chance of one of them supporting the Xbox One more than the other its Rockstar.

GTA4 sold more on the 360 than PS3 and RDR sold 50/50 I think since we dont have any figures from Rockstar.

On top of that when was the last time Rockstar made an exclusive ? I think the last time was back in the PS1 era.

Adva2288d ago

It will be multiplatform now, judging by how Jacky T. has talked about it last time he was asked about it.

LaChance2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Jack Tretton thinks the opposite. You know Jack ... that guy that actually knows 100 000 times more than you about anything Playstation related ?

But hey, maybe Jack is wrong and Sony fanboys are right, it often happens ... NOT !!!

@below: a lot of Xbox One fans then on this site huh dont you think ? Literraly overflowing with Xbox One fans in every positive Xbox thread /s

user74029312288d ago

lachance is a huge playstation fan, he is in every ps3 article.

MrBeatdown2288d ago

Well said LaChance. Tretton suggested it's no longer PS3 exclusive. Can't argue with that.

Only the deluded PS3 fanboys are the ones refusing to believe it will come out on PS4.

Glad you're hear to clear things up.

ABeastNamedTariq2288d ago

To you guys saying multiplat, it won't be. Sony paid Rockstar to make an exclusive for them. Originally it was going to be L.A. Noire, but Sony didn't want that. It's a PS exclusive.

OT: If it's coming, I'm assuming that it'll be for PS4. Gamescom maybe?

riverstars862288d ago

Please provide the source that states that Sony didn't want L.A. Noire as an exclusive. Until then, please only post if you have something factual to contribute.


Nitrowolf22288d ago

Team Bondi consisted of people from Sony, and they made a publishing deal to make the game (and another) exclusive to Sony. This deal changed when Rockstar acquired the Publisher rights, which does mean that Sony pretty much gave it up.

From L.A. Noire Wiki

ABeastNamedTariq2288d ago

Sorry for the wait, I got banned trying to post a link. Had to get unbanned and stuff.

There is no 'official' source because Rockstar nor Sony would directly comment on the matter. But here's an informative quote:

"Brendan McNamara starts work on LA Noire. Sony will publish it. They sink a bunch of money into it. Project goes nowhere. Rockstar buys the IP from Sony. In exchange, Rockstar takes over the financial burden and promises Sony a brand new exclusive IP, Agent."

Stupid spam filter won't let me post the link. It's from a NeoGAF forum. (I googled something along the lines of "Did Sony give up L.A. Noire for Agent". Forum came up to talking about if that deal was still in place. It was the first link.

Sony got Agent in exchange for L.A. Noire. Bottom line is, Sony paid R* for an exclusive.

You're welcome!

riverstars862288d ago

Sorry I came to such a hasty conclusion. Sorry.

fourOeightshark2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

It's still on Rockstar's website saying coming soon.

showtimefolks2288d ago

i just hope it comes out, the game sounds so interesting. Whether its a exclusive or not really doesn't matter

one thing to keep in mind though:

Sony let RS have LA;Noire after sony funded the development for more than 20 million, sony let RS out of GTA 4 exclusive deal with sony so in retunr i would imagine sony would get something

GTA4 was suppose to be exclusive for ps3 at launch,

so if anything i say Agent has a huge chance of being exclusive than MP

FF13 versus now 15 has nothing to do with a RS game being exclusive, FF14 is still exclusive, FF HD collection still exclusive, KH hd collection still exclusive

ZHZ902288d ago

FF14 is also on PC it's not PS exclusive at all.

showtimefolks2288d ago

well on gaming sites this is how it goes

well its console exclusive like titnafall is

but i could careless, never been a FF fan. But if FF15 is real time combat than i am very interested, i just don't like turn based combat

KonsoruMasuta2288d ago

FF 14 is not on 360 because MS didn't want cross system play. I read the article somewhere. Let me see if I can find it.

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