HEXUS.gaming review :: UEFA EURO 2008

HEXUS.gaming has reviewed EA's latest soccer title and believe it is the best to have even been released from the studio, and "the best football game on the market."

"Forget the fact that England didn't qualify for Europe. As soon as you start your first tournament, hear the National Anthem blaring out of your speakers and see the Germans or French lining-up in front of you, you'll only have one thing on your mind: beating the living daylights out of them and bringing home the cup. In my humble opinion, despite there still being room for improvement, EURO 2008 is the best soccer game to have ever graced the Xbox 360."

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Truplaya3845d ago

i am a hardcore Pro Evo fan and me and my mates were very impressed by the demo, its a really good football game.

3845d ago
Frangieh3841d ago

I'm a big fan of the football world and i played most football games nothing can touch Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 even if it isn't that better than 07 but fifa is trying to pull up there game there close but didn't you hear what konami had to say they said be sure that Winning Eleven 09 or most people know it as Pro Evolution Soccer 09 the best football game ever seen....PES smoothness its just a different state

super bill3833d ago

this football game is pants.ea couldn,t make a decent footy game if they [email protected] wasted my money on that crappy company again.