Wii Fit "Saved" Man's Life

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"It isn't often that you hear how video games can positively impact on your life, because that doesn't sell to the anti-everything crowd. Here's a story that's positively heart warming, and one that could and should serve as an inspiration to countless others."

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GraveLord2283d ago

Always great to see gamers getting back in shape. This is why you should considering buying an Xbox One and play some Dance Central.

matgrowcott2283d ago

There comes a point where it's not even about getting back into shape, it's about living a basic, healthy life.

That a video game can be part of that, in whatever way, is fantastic.

NukaCola2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Or smarter he could buy a PS4 and use that $100 dollars he saved to buy a gym membership or an at home program like Insanity or P90x.

In all seriousness. The game didn't save his life, he did. Game all day everyday but there comes a point where you have to take care of your life and body. Good for him.

HammadTheBeast2283d ago

Or you know.... a skipping rope?

PsychOff2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

No offense but you mean exercise saved this mans life? Unless Wii fit literally blocked a bullet from killing this guy, I can't necessarily say the game saved him.

I mean if you care that much about your weight and happen to be obese, you should care enough to exercise period. Whether its in a game, a gym, your home, outside ect.

Yes inspiration. You workout, your going to lose weight. What an inspirational story, there are probably billions of them. I hate to be a sarcastic ass but I mean really its as simple as working out, you don't need a game or console to do it.

matgrowcott2283d ago

So that this man wouldn't have lost 100 pounds without Wii Fit is just a point you're going to ignore?

He'd tried dieting. He'd probably tried a degree of other exercises. It was this that provided the continuity and entertainment that kept him coming back for over a year.

I agree, a lot can be said for his dedication and work. But he wouldn't have got to that point if he hadn't stumbled upon Wii Fit.

StevenvEekeren2283d ago

Yeah I agree with matgrowcott. How many of us have bought a gym membership only for it to go to waste due to lack of dedication and inspiration? It was Wii Fit that not only got this man to exercise, but also kept him exercising for extended periods. It provided him with that drive he needed to stick with it.

OldGirl2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Aw man I just wasted like an hour writing out why @Psych has a point here. For some reason it didn't post.

Seeing as it will take me another hour to write all that again really sucks. Sorry not doing it

I can't even write it out shortly unfortunately because it won't get the point across. I'll try though and just say a persons motivation needs to start with themselves.

If you can't think of your future, your health and want to improve it. That is where you need to start, what happens when this guy can't play a game to workout? Does that mean he simply quits? That is the problem I am seeing with any of this. He should want to workout first before anything.


You don't need any of that to lose weight. Losing weight is free.


Dieting is never good for you is what people don't understand. You can eat healthy, well at that and still lose plenty of weight, just cooking healthier food for yourself behind a stove will make you lose plenty of weight.

The point you are missing is many people even if they do workout for a long time and lose a lot of weight can easily go back to their old ways if their mind is not in the correct mindset. That is the issue I brought up before, if he needs a game to motivate him what does that mean when he can't play Wii Fit? He won't workout anymore.

See another problem many people have is they buy memberships, hire trainers all that and like I said they don't have the initial mindset themselves to want to be healthier. So they could spend all their time in a gym or with a trainer but if they don't have that personal motivation they will not continue that lifestyle outside of having something there to motivate them which should be themselves.

matgrowcott2283d ago


Nothing you've said, apart from a few presumptions about a guy you don't know, is at odds with what I've said.

That he's lost so much over such a relatively long time says it was a matter of realizing, incrementally, how his diet was effecting his well-being. Once you realize that sort of thing, you don't come back from it.

Also, he went from 6000 calories a day to 2000. Again, that's not a habit you slip into.

Lucreto2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

Might be something I should consider. Dieting didn't work and I get acid reflux around 9pm and suffer during the night.

I find all sports and exercise boring. (I fell asleep during the world cup final.)

I am currently treating a twisted amkle from falling off a treadmill when my mind turned off out of boredom.

Ravenor2283d ago

You sound like the kind of guy you want to party with.

Lucreto2283d ago

Actually I am the most important person at the party. I don't drink so I keep people from overdoing it and make sure people get home.

They pay for it and got me a PS4.