PS3 Firmware 2.30 available April 15th 2008

SCEJ has revealed that firmware 2.30 will be available to download on Tuesday 15th April 2008. The new firmware version will allow access to the new PlayStation Store.

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darkness within4858d ago

I'm interested what this free download for each 50th user to use the new store will be.

pandabear4858d ago


'every 50th visitor will be able to download a hidden application or game'

Lets hope it's an aplication by the name of Home!!!!

Which would make it a half closed, half open beta of sorts lol

darkness within4858d ago

Well lets hope some of us time it right to be a 50th user and be in for a supprise...hopefully.

Korosuke4858d ago

PSN card for 3,000 yen(about 30dollars)

Milky4858d ago

It has to be home. WHat else ?

sonarus4858d ago

home for every 50th user will leave some shafted

Mystery_Person4857d ago

I want GTA IV and HOME!! I would keep the PS store the way it looks like right now if it got me GTA IV and/or HOME.

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uHuRu4858d ago

in-game XMB or messaging. Also, cant wait to try out the new PS Store.

SPARTAAN4858d ago

didnt they confirm that in-game xmb will be in Firmware 2.40

Tempist4858d ago

I'm betting this update will have a part in releasing Home.

MaximusPrime4858d ago

not going to happen. Sony did not announce anything about that yet.

There are some games with ingame messaging so im fine with that.

NewYork2144858d ago

probably going to be like joust or qbert for free lol. next Thursday's update is going to be crazy.

just to name a few-

operation: broken mirror for warhawk
gran turismo 5 prologue
pixel junk monsters expansion(not 100% sure on this one)
3 weeks worth of rock band content.

Fishy Fingers4858d ago

Guess the new look store requires a fireware update to function.

Please, don't get your hopes up for Home/XMB, your only setting yourself up for disappointment.

Kleptic4858d ago

They confirmed the new store to be a running application from the XMB now...and not run off of the web browser as the current store it will have better moving flash stuff, be faster, and finally have a search feature (which was pointless anyway until recently, but the store does have a fair amount of content to a new owner now)...

and yeah...this probably has nothing on Home...Sony has no idea what is happening with that...SCEE is heading it up, so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone anyway...there are still rumors of an April 18th beta release...but I will be extremely surprised if that happens even this guess is a beta by the end of the year...

mindedone4858d ago

I thought that they confirmed that the new store will NOT have a search feature (which is stupid, really.)

kai_h4857d ago

Well, at least there's a "View All Alphabetically" Function which would work somewhat like a search function, just not as fast.

SL1M DADDY4858d ago

No need to get our hopes up only to be let down again. As for the next update, I am excited to see what they have done with the Store. It looked great in the pics early on and now with no use for the "mouse pointer", thats great news.

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The story is too old to be commented.