Gamestop restocks rare game. Collectors screaming scam

Gamestop have stocked up on used copies of the extremely rare XenoBlade Chronicles for the Wii. However many suspect the games aren’t used at all.

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2288d ago
TheRealTedCruz2288d ago

That's rather shady.
Still kicking myself for not grabbing a copy (or ten, really) when the game originally released.

Murad2287d ago

Same, I very much regret it. But personally, if Nintendo is not going to step in, I'm going to have to utilize other methods of getting this game.

LoveOfTheGame2287d ago

I imagined you had an eye-patch and peg leg when you said that. And, I will be right there next to you if paying that much for a copy is the only way to play.

admiralvic2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Terrible article and Poorly researched. For starters, a lot of people don't know about Club Nintendo or care to deal with it. I would estimate you have a 50% chance of getting a used copy with a working code and maybe a 30%+ chance of getting a working PSN / Xbox code.

Since people are going to wonder about my claim of poor research, well it seems there IS a difference between these games and the older games. The original cases seem to have Wii pressed above the disc, where as these have Nintendo up there. Many suspect that this is proof of them being reprints and is better proof than Club Nintendo coins being unused and cases looking good (how many people really mess with their cases? Mine sits on a shelf from the moment I open it till the day I sell it or move it).

Furthermore, this article does NOT account for how GameStop stocks games. A while back Xenoblade was converted to use, so these "reprints" are considered used by the official system. Since we don't know for a fact (they could just be a box they found) they're in fact reprints or how they came to acquire them in the first place, it's wrong for a news site to automatically cast GameStop in a shameful light.

Long story short, these are STILL cheaper than what it was going for on eBay and will at the very least continue to drive prices down. Can't say I agree with it if they're in fact reprints, but you can bring the cost down to $65 or so dollars with promo codes.

FamilyGuy2288d ago

They shouldn't be so greedy and charge over $60 regardless. They're making a profit at $60 whether these are used or brand new reprints so in either case they ARE being greedy.

TheRealTedCruz2288d ago

This is very much the truth.

Swiggins2288d ago

If it was any other store than Gamestop, I'd disagree with you...but it is, so they can go hang.

admiralvic2288d ago

Do you have any understanding of how the GameStop system works at all?

Logically speaking, GameStop is or is at least trying to make a profit on every single last game in their used inventory. However, they typically price things based off supply / demand and will pay you off how much demand there is.

Since the games used price is high, then so is the games TiV. A while back it was as high as $48 dollars and was constantly part of the trade 2 for $60 promo (these are typically scams).

So while they're making a profit, that is true for anything else and is among the higher trade in value games.

MikeyDucati12288d ago

So basically you're telling us that the Inventory team should be fired for all these years they had stock that they didn't know about?

Get outta here! I know you like GS, but c'mon, Gamestop is scamming. This is a prime example how Gamestop influences the market with their extreme pricing

admiralvic2288d ago

Perhaps you should read my post again, since I pointed out there WAS a difference between this version and the old version. The cases are different and this was posted by SEVERAL people on forums. Better proof than Club Nintendo coins being valid.

However, cases can be changed and stuff does happen, so I added the last bit as other answers.

MikeyDucati12287d ago

I did read your post and you said "they could just be a box they found". That's what you said.

And no, you're excusing Gamestop but will crucify Xbox One for their policies?

Sometimes you gotta know when a hustler is trying to hustle you. They always make it sound like its in your best interest to buy into it. It helps when they have clueless people like you ready to throw money whenever a "deal" is brought forth.

admiralvic2287d ago

That is correct, but a far cry from "So basically you're telling us that the Inventory team should be fired for all these years they had stock that they didn't know about?" If you want to believe it's a reprint, then more power to you because it seems fairly likely, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be something else.

I got 1,934 comments on N4G. Find one where I crucify the Xbox One for their policies.


MikeyDucati12287d ago

You're missing my point on the basis of you trying to defend what you have said.

This is what I'm saying, I find it highly unlikely that they "just found a box" when I have worked inventory before and inventory is a serious issue.

You just don't "lose a box" of that magnitude. It had to be done deliberately.

And what if they are reprints? How could it not be possible? Are you in the war room with the heads of that corporation? No we are not. Alot of back hand dealings go on there.

I just find it interesting that Gamestop continues to hustle people in front of their faces and people continually support their business. Yet, Xbox One policies are enough to cause an uproar because they believe it's an "invasion of their privacy". But let's just forget about the obvious hustle that Gamestop commits to.

Power to the players?? LOL! You know, mostly kids support Gamestop, truthfully, because that's where mom and dad takes em or that's all they know. And Gamestop takes advantage of that.

I'm not going through your comments. I'm not some 10 year old kid here.

rainslacker2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

I got my copy last Thursday when the manager called me and told me someone brought it in and traded it. We were talking about it the night before, and since they know me she looked me up. I went and picked it up in the evening. Manual, case, and all inserts were in pristine "like new" condition. Quite rare for a used Wii game.

The Club Nintendo code did work. I've gotten quite a few used DS games that had working codes from them however, so didn't strike me as odd.

And guess what. I don't care. Sure I would have liked a new copy for $49.99, but got this one for $46 after using a 25% off used game coupon and $25 off used game purchase reward certificate(So $71 gross). A bit high(gross price) considering I don't consider it a truly rare collectors item yet, but I've been wanting to play it for a while, and have had no luck finding it locally, used or new, and Ebay is just too high.

My case does say Nintendo above the disc though. Shame if they lied to me, since I would have brought it anyways.

I doubt GameStop themselves printed more copies of this game as this article insinuates. I'm pretty sure Nintendo would come down and slap them hard on that one. It's possible they took new copies and opened them up to get more money. If GameStop wants to do this, it's kind of scummy, but it's their property, and the price is still better than what you'd pay to those on Ebay. This game isn't particularly rare.

I doubt it will really lower the price overall in the long run, since again, they wouldn't be allowed to reprint these, only Nintendo could do that, and Nintendo wouldn't resort to such measures, as they get their money off new anyhow. Short term resale prices may be affected, as no doubt people will pick these up to resell them at a higher price...I know someone at another store locally said that was exactly why they were buying it when I tried to pick one up a couple weeks ago, and they got there just ahead of me. Damn me for holding the door for her.

I will admit it's kind of fishy that so many places in my area have it listed as low stock now since it only popped up occasionally in the past, and the stores always said it was gone when I called them...likely cuz the associates were buying them to sell on EBay.

It's also worth pointing out that GS has been offering $35 dollars for trade in on this about a month back. Even promoted it in one of their buyback special ads. Maybe they were just "refurbishing" the discs and sending them out for the planned jack in price to $89.99 they did a couple weeks ago. There is also no proof that all the copies are in perfect condition or have working Nintendo Club codes. That's just speculation on the part of the poster on NeoGaf.

admiralvic2287d ago

Well we don't know how these copies were obtained, so it's entirely possible that GameStop worked out something with Nintendo and paid them more upfront. And or, offered Nintendo something in order to get these copies. While I would love to say Nintendo is better than that, they did recently take ad revenue on YouTube and contrary to what earlier reports said, the minimal time is not 15 minutes (I have a video at 5 that got it, so it seems it's every or virtually every video). Oddly The Wonderful 101 was not claimed though.Anyway, that was just as shady and while I think Nintendo was in the right there (it IS there product), I wouldn't say this would be that shocking if they were that interested in cash.

I certainly agree that it's suspicious, but nothing stated (beyond the different cases) is exactly bullet proof. People change cases, people don't open the manual, people don't use Club Nintendo coins, which was largely a big part of my point. The article acts like a bunch of copies came out, they have working coins, so they must in fact be new copies.

However, since my post and this article, GameStop is now calling it a vintage game. Why a year old game is considered vintage is beyond me, but it seems the same is happening for Metroid Trilogy. I can't say I agree with the practice as I now KNOW they're reprinted (99.99% now), but this could mean good things for gamers. Since they're considered used games, you can use a number of coupons / promos to obtain them for less (far less than the former eBay prices), it screws resellers (hate people that buy things like this just to flip for more later) and if we all stop buying these games, then GameStop will naturally drop the price to a fair amount. If / when this happens it will be a win for everyone.

rainslacker2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Yeah, the whole thing on Gaf is played out more than it is on here. People offering their reasons and speculations. Truth is we'll probably never know, and it will go down as one of those things that everyone eventually agrees on what happened.

I didn't mind spending the money. I was willing to pay that anyways. Wasn't willing to spend over $100 on it, and never got lucky in Ebay sales. Kinda scummy on GameStops part, and if it were a reprint, Nintendo would have had to be complicit. I'm still thinking it's extra stock, and trade in's from the recent promotion that they reboxed.

If it's a reprint, then the likelihood that it was in large quantities is pretty slim. It's unlikely to effect the long term pricing of the game on the collector's market. Selling them used also keeps the scalpers away a bit, as new copies be under contractual obligations to sell at $49.99 or less.

I think it's good personally. So many people want to play this game, and while it's still a steep price used at GameStop, as you say, there are plenty of promotions to get it down...which I took advantage of.

Still shady though...but it is what it is I guess.

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0pie2288d ago

they basicly kept all of these games in the warehouse and when nintendo stopped to making the game gamestop decided to release all of the games they were hiding so they can pump the price up

Summons752288d ago

Yupp sad because GameStop claimed they couldn't get enough to even fill preorders. I have three friends who didn't get their copy because GameStop does scummy things like this. They did this with prime trilogy on wii too.

Avalanche2287d ago

Yeah in sure Gamestop foresaw this happening 2years ago when this game came out.

Gimme a break

ZBlacktt2288d ago

Gamestop? Scam..... NNnnnnooo. really, lol. :/

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