Microsoft's Massive Mistakes

Dan Curtis of XP-Mag writes: Phew, it’s been a tough year for Microsoft. What with the impending launch of their brand new console, you’d think that probably wouldn’t be the case. Well, unfortunately, this year has perhaps been one of the worst in Microsoft’s foray into the world of gaming.

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Lovable1945d ago

Was that supposed to be catchy? Didn't work bro 1/10. Give you 1 for the effort.

Anyways, MS biggest mistake is obviously being too cocky and not taking any consideration to the rights of their consumer.

4Sh0w1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I don't think they were cocky at all, they just misjudged how many are scared of drm and they did a poor job of explaining the benefits. There was nothing about the policy evil, they said from the start they didnt even get a cut, it was up to devs.

Lovable1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


Are you for real? Not being able to use used games and paying just to activate it is not evil to you? Putting DRM on their game and limiting your access to your system and game is not evil to you? Obviously, they were too cocky and think their fanbase will just eat what they are doing. Some die hard fanboys will do, but the majority see their BS. Wake up buddy. See where they are now. Trying to reversed everything and been on a damage control spree ever since.

RiPPn1944d ago

@4Sh0w: Not cocky?!? lol Is your memory that short that you don't remember all the quotes from Mattrick, Hyde, and all the other douchey Microsoft talking heads? They rivaled Sony's 2005 arrogance and then some.

JokesOnYou1944d ago

@4Show it works like this if they introduce something new its "Oh no sony doesn't do that", then if they reverse because of the same crybabies its "Microsoft is always flip flopping, I don't trust them", if they stick to their then its "they don't listen to consumers" or "why are they so damm cocky". Its lose, lose, they should have just stuck to their guns it you don't like it, don't buy it.....worst most of the complainers are sonyfanboys who we both know were never going to buy it anyway.

MRMagoo1231944d ago


Yes thats right MS changed everything about the console just for the sony fanboys that wherent going to get the console in the first place, you ever stop to think they changed them because there was only ppl like you that wanted to get it when they did the reveal and they then thought selling 40 consoles world wide isnt good ?.

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Belking1944d ago

lol...more like PS Vita? No, PS see ya!

IcicleTrepan1944d ago

Stand back people, we've got Benoit Mandelbrot Jr. over here.

Dlacy13g1944d ago

@GraveLord did you make that all up on your own or did you get some help? j/k

As for MS and "massive mistakes"... I do agree that MS made some major bungles especially leading up to and during E3. I can't help but think so much of mixed messaging and poor communication was spear headed by a leader that knew he was leaving. Don Matrick knew going into E3 he was going to be headed to Zynga and thus it really feels like he just had an "f'it" mentality.

That said, all the mistakes of the Xbox One have come prior to it even launching, and the reversals and back tracking while bitched about by many actually have been good decisions for the Xbox One in the eyes of the consumer.

DRM gone - good
No connectivity required - good
chat headset incl. - good
Xbox One works w/o Kinect - good
Indie self publishing - good
Xbox One can be dev kit - good

The console doesn't launch for 3 1/2 more months so does it matter they are making changes before anyone has actually spent money? I think no, it really in the big scheme matters little. What matters is the actual final product that is bought when it launches to us the consumer.

GraveLord1944d ago

"What matters is the actual final product that is bought when it launches to us the consumer."

I don't agree with that but hey you're free to believe whatever you want. I think the road to launch is very important and so is history. I think this picture says it all.

ConwayGritty1944d ago

Most logical thing I've heard said on this aitw!

Rimeskeem1944d ago

so all of this on PS4 too just saying

YNWA961944d ago

Gravelord, the road to launch is very important.... What are you, fcking socrates? Ffs, all this philosophical crap, do not buy it if its road to success does not match your thoughts...

RiPPn1944d ago

Like sckipt said, all this has been on the PS4 since February, they didn't need terrible preorders and backlash to force their hand, they brought the product people wanted and Sony deserves to be rewarded for doing so.

MRMagoo1231944d ago

The problem is the way MS are going who knows what the console will be like at release , it may not even use games any more and they might try cornering the cable box market like it seems they are trying to do.

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AngelicIceDiamond1944d ago

I only see articles like these get submitted here no where else.

IGN, Joystiq, NowGamer, eurogamer gametrailers etc don't submit this.

Seriously who is N4G trying to convince here?

GraveLord1944d ago

See the video podcasts such as Gaming Scoop in IGN or Invisible Walls on Gametrailers or just some user videos on Youtube. Everyone can see it. It's not about being a fanboy or convincing anyone, its about the truth.

aceitman1944d ago

@angel. These articles come from other websites and all the websites u mention did publish articles like this.

MRMagoo1231944d ago

lol IGN use more troll articles than any other site wtf are you talking about, its not just N4G that hates on the xbone its actually a global thing even youtube hates xbone, its not going to do well and thats all there is to it.

Rimeskeem1944d ago

Bro they can lose billions and still be in business

sashimi1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Yeah but not in the console business if their shareholders have anything to say about it. Since they've been trying to get Microsoft to leave the console business for a long while.

So yeah sure they can lose billions and still be in business, just in their most profitable line of business.

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Maddens Raiders1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

The more I think about it, this may have been the best thing to ever happen to MS as far as their gaming division goes.

At the beginning of the current gen MS got so many passes on everything even the colossal failures of RROD and HD-DVD that it probably thought: "We can do no wrong... Not with the press and not with gamers." And why not think that way? I would've thought the same thing if people were treating me this way for seeming little work on my end.

This cycle is markedly different and without the year head start on it's biggest competitor and without the distraction of a looming format war MS found itself defending policies and decisions on equal footing with a more powerful and on time PS4.

Its biggest challenges was keeping its core base intact whilst openly pushing Kinect 2.0 as the next big thing and integrating it into the very functionality of the system or so we were told. That got reversed.

We were told that devs were tired of losing money on games that had already been sold and therefore a DRM system of checks and balances would be needed every 24 hours in order to access, and share purchased games - making internet access not a luxury but essential. That got reversed.

We were told about all the Orwellian submission requirements for indie games and all the hoops they would have to jump through. That got reversed.
============================= ==============

What's left is the requirement that Kinect be /bundled/ into every single xbone box and the requirement that customers pay $100 more for a console with a camera (that's not needed) bundled in for a console that's less powerful than its direct competitor.

These initial massive mistakes could turn out to be solid gold for gamers though. Given what the past months have shown us, if MS is willing to learn and change from these big mistakes this could... could turn out to be one of the biggest and best gaming ages any of us can remember.

jessupj1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Hmmm, you make a good point.

MS also charged for online, which at the time was the only company doing so, and 360 owners were fine paying for it.

MS also completely dropped the ball on exclusives and again the 360 owners were fine with it. (Well most anyway)

No wonder MS though they could walk all over their fanbase when they got away with so much in the past.

I think MS would love to have a kinectless SKU for the same price as a PS4, but unfortunately they've invested so much R&D in the thing that for them is would be a complete waste. And of course it would be another 180, and I think by that point it just wouldn't be funny anymore.

I think they were banking on Sony to have a much more expensive console. I was shocked when I saw the PS4 price tag and I think MS was too.

It will be very interesting to see how all this plays out over the next year.

sobotz1945d ago

This must be the 5th-7th article like this.

ABeastNamedTariq1945d ago

DAT DRM DOE. Seriously, the DRM and online check-in were terrible (in my opinion).

I also think they need to stop saying "Xbox can't work without [X]", because that's obviously not true. I'm not denying that it's a good thing that they're making these reversals (which makes it more attractive), I'm just saying they come off as wishy-washy with their policies. They're very malleable, and I'm not sure that's a good thing. But it seems like a good thing.

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