GTA IV Multiplayer Hands-on by Gameplayer

Gameplayer has gone live with an in-depth multiplayer hands-on preview of Grand Theft Auto IV. Plenty of new information to enjoy.

"Cops 'n' Crooks, detailed above, will be a fan favourite and was all kinds of fun, delivering in one fell swoop all the promise open-world multiplayer has had since the release of GTA III."

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SlappingOysters3845d ago

Is there anything not awesome about GTA IV: ok, so this article has some reservations about online being 10/10, but as a package, it is going to be awesome!

SlappingOysters3845d ago

I am putting this in here becase even though it is not a fanboy comment, it will no doubt start that type of response

but has anyone read anything about the PS3's online - I have only read X360 articles