Microsoft must come out swinging after wasting the summer on Xbox One apology tour

Gimme Gimme Games writes that after pulling "180s" all summer that Microsoft has to stop their apologizing for botching the Xbox One reveal and come back strong to ensure the system's success.

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Maddens Raiders1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Well they came out swinging really hard in May lol. I quite confident that's what got them into all of this trouble. If they had stuck to it, and not apologized but weathered the storm - sales be damned - then they would not have needed a "summer apology tour" and we would see if their grand experiment with DRM 24 hour check ins, and so called required cameras would've worked.

With that said, I think the last thing MS needs to do right now is more "swinging" at anyone. They have clearly conceded that their initial plan was a failure and not one welcomed by the masses, evidenced by the plethora of reversals the past couple of months. Right now MS just needs to be humble, take a look in the mirror and focus on nothing but ................. GAMES from here no out.

LOGICWINS1981d ago

I saw a very large focus on games at E3. I don't think they'll have a problem in that area.

What they should look into however is adding more value to XBL Gold.

SirBradders1981d ago

Precisely. Regardless of all the hate if they offer me value for money and good enough game experiences that i cant get elsewhere then im sold.

Crazy Larry1981d ago

As opposed to Sonys "Summer of Silence" tour? That's not a bash, I have really been wanting more info on the PS4, but Sonys been dead quiet since E3.

modesign1981d ago

they had games to show, but they werent all launch titles, you might see there titles down the road.

thereapersson1981d ago


I actually agree with your comment, as despite announcing a bunch of TV and entertainment features, they actually had many games on tap to announce which I was satisfied with when I considered who the announcements were coming from.

That said, PS+ still offers the best value for the money at the moment, so hopefully MS can see the hand the competition has been dealt and raise the stakes. It will benefit everyone in the long run because competition is what made Sony pick up the PSN pace and offer more content through PSN.

cyclindk1981d ago

You got it there, still a lot of untapped potential. They pushed it all last gen and it was profitable and Sony followed suit. That should be all the sign they need to make Live the "go to" service for online on consoles, though I am going PS4 all the way, I know potential when I see it and hate to see it squandered.

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YNWA961981d ago

Meh.... Sony do reversals better...
Greatness awaits, explodes... Woohoooo but really, if MS make things good, what will we argue over.... N4G will lose hits....

cyclindk1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Ouya's comeback...

Or Oyua.. Oauy.. I can't say it..

Oh-oooh-ee--uhh... oyy-aahhh.

Too many vowels.

Rimeskeem1981d ago

But the PS4 has those and no one can come close to the amount of decent exclusives it can produce

Excalibur1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

What apology/ies?
I haven't heard a single one yet...

ABeastNamedTariq1981d ago

Summer apology tour. I chuckled.

@Excalibur ^

I'm guessing they consider reversals apologies.

gaelic_laoch1981d ago

LOL Yeah swinging punches like a drunk falling out of a bar!

modesign1981d ago

how do you fall out of a bar.

gaelic_laoch1981d ago

Cover my beer tab and I will show ya!

cr33ping_death1981d ago


Boody-Bandit1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

"Cover my beer tab and I will show ya!"

^I laughed so hard I was nearly crying! The reason this is one of the best comes backs ever is because it's so true. I never fell out of a bar but been carried out of one a time or two. ;)

Rimeskeem1981d ago

Doesnt that mean they will miss and have to get more help

XboxFun1981d ago

Hot off the heels of...

Keep them coming N4G, these no name sites are convincing no one.

Belking1981d ago

This is classic N4g stuff right Real classy. I'm sure the mods get a kick out out of this stuff.

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