Nothing better with Kinect, say scientists

A team of scientists at Cambridge University, England, have concluded that absolutely nothing can be improved, bettered or enhanced through the use of Microsoft’s popular motion sensing input device.

Since launching in 2010, numerous Xbox 360 games have claimed to be better with Kinect. However, scientists involved in the 3-year research project have stated that, despite extensive testing, they could find no evidence to suggest that Kinect was capable of benefiting anything.

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Ksar2286d ago

Seems legit.

Xbox One, day One.

Godlovesgamers2286d ago

"Seems legit" LOL! It's satire smarty pants!

guitarded772286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

That was the joke. I think you missed it.

Technically, I'm a scientist (computer scientist), and I can say silly stuff too. Like when they have a "Doctor" on commercials and you read the small print at the bottom of the screen and it says they're in their residency.

JhawkFootball062286d ago

This has to be the most satire troll article I've seen. How does this get approved?

abzdine2286d ago

Kinect is the worst things that happened to gaming if you ask me.
The tech is just broken and doesn't work.
Now with the sky high PS4 pre orders Microsoft are wetting their pants

Conzul2286d ago


For funzies? Lighten up FFS

Gster2286d ago

This article could potentially DisKinect some loyal fans who may not have a sensor humour :p



Scientist here too, a biologist. You probably knows as much as I on how the whole stuff about publishing papers work, doesn't really matter who's doing the talk as long as the scientific method was applied and the paper was submited to peer review. Not disagreeing with you, most of those commercials, resident or doctor, it's just paid bull, but it has little to do with residency, just a paid opinion, not proper science.

Back on topic, obviously this article is a satire, but actually it would be easy to make such a study, just get a sample of people to test games available with and without kinect and ask 'em to measure their enjoyment through a set ammount of time gaming in either method. As long as the sample is wide enough and the rating is well defined, you can say if Kinect make games more enjoyable to most people or not.

NewMonday2285d ago

"Seems legit" is slang, he means the opposite.

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ZeroX98762286d ago

fitness games, dance games, mini-games benefits all from kinect. voice recognition could be done on a headset.

Kinect is not better for me, but my sister has been enjoying it like crazy! I showed her the move and she liked it, just not as much as kinect.

What kinect can't do is movement through large areas in a game. find a way to play skyrim with kinect per example. I know you can't at the moment, but moving freely in this large open world would be hard without a controller.

motion control when playing with a controller at the same time isn't convenient at all. Kinect is great, just not for everyone.

Am I the only one who thinks that maybe MS is targeting all those original Wii owners? people that are searching for a new experience like the wiimote, but doesn't find this "new experience" on the Wii U.

guitarded772286d ago

I agree with you. I have Move and Kinect, and I prefer Move, but my wife and her friends like the Kinect. The Kinect has its advantages when it comes to dancing and fitness games, but that's about the best use for it so far.

Narutone662286d ago

It took them 3 years to come to that conclusions. Lol.

rainslacker2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I wouldn't doubt that MS wants that audience. I'm sure Sony and Nintendo do as well. But even MS is smart enough to know that they will not get that audience with a $500 system.

Wii had more going for it with the casuals than the WiiMote making it more inviting to get into gaming. It was also a great party device, and the price was low enough to make it appealing for a family looking for a good value in a gaming machine.

Unfortunately, IF MS were looking to capture that audience, I believe they won't get it even if they were willing to spend $500. Kinect has been around long enough that people that wanted to try it probably already have. All in all, if the word starts getting out to the casuals about it, there is plenty of Kinect 1.0 articles that will make it seem not quite that appealing.

I also believe the appeal of this type of gaming among the family casual group has waned as this gen has drawn to a close.

I believe MS, based on it's reveal, is squarely targeting the group of people that want an all purpose entertainment device. Those that are so into doing everything on their smartphones and tablets. It's been their focus for a while to get that group anyway possible...even to the point of designing an entire OS line around tablets/phones, and their game machine is squarely focused on convenience...whilst using that same OS.

Gster2286d ago

I really don't know what those scientist guys are talking about. I used it for wiping my arse and I had a great time with it, no shit!
Only afterwards it was dis-Stink-tly less responsive!!
Maybe I'm just losing my touch, or is it my toilet paper!!!

negative2285d ago

don't do that

just don't

StoutBEER2286d ago

Im no fan of Kinect... but this is utter bullshit. I looked at the title and was like right, someone needs to calm down.

RobbyGrob2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

It doesn't really matter how much you improve upon something that just isn't a good idea to begin with. Gaming with your body and voice isn't gaming.

What difference does it make how close to the real thing that playing a tennis game is when you don't enjoy playing tennis in real life? If you enjoy tennis, you go play tennis. You don't turn on your console and pretend to play tennis against virtual opponents. Playing a virtual sport in a faked real way takes the joy AWAY from both the sport and from the game. You'd much rather play actual tennis, or play a tennis video game with a controller. See what i mean? There's no point in turning this activity into a video game which is played in the same way that you'd perform the real thing, because it's not nearly as entertaining as the actual thing, nor as entertaining as a classic controller-based tennis game would be from the perspective of a gamer. It doesn't ADD anything. It just TAKES AWAY both worlds when you realize that you're not getting neither of the good bits of either experience..

When you turn on your console, you expect to play a video game. And video games are played with controllers. That's what they've always been for. Similarly, you expect to play tennis when you enter a tennis court. There's absolutely no good reason to move any of the actions that you could do in a game with a controller to a motion-sensing technology. It will wear you out and piss you off once you realize that you have to repeat swinging your arms or shouting a word every single time that you need to perform that certain repetitive action. That's what nice little buttons are for.

Motion-controllers lose their charm and become horrible chores very quickly. A device that takes you as far away from comfortable, precise and reactive gaming as you could possible come, by removing all button interfaces and only using your full body motion and voice as input, is about as good an idea to a gamer as it is to introduce controllers to a person who likes to sing and dance. It's a really, really corny idea that only ever will be mainstream with the Singstar people.

All you people who say that it's a good thing that you're forced to get a Kinect when you buy an XB1 because it makes it a sure bet for developers to include motion-sensing functions into their games as everyone will be able to use them; have you considered that this very idea might actually scare AWAY a lot of potential customers because they absolutely DON'T want to have to use any form of motion-sensing to play their games? Kinect is the sole reason for why i for one would never ever get an XB1. It alone destroys what could have been a great gaming console. No way am i gonna pay for something i'm not only never gonna use, but that i'm completely principally against for the good of all gamers. These terrible ideas need to die a terrible death. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to find that a lot of the PS4 pre-orders were made by Nintendo Wii people who first-hand learned how terrible motion-sensing is for gaming and who are run the other way when they see another console forcing them to do the same shit.

As ridiculous as the article was, i completely agree with it. 97% of gaming activities with a motion-sensing camera as opposed to a controller remaining unimproved or being worse sounds about right. I feel genuinely sorry for all the people who are fooled big-time by the idea of their new Kinect giving them great new pleasures in gaming. You're going to be terribly, terribly disappointed when you realize you spent a hundred bucks on this most pointless of all console ideas.

RobbyGrob2286d ago

By the way, where i write " run the other way when they see another console forcing them to do the same shit" i'm aiming at the XB1, not the Wii U.

Gster2286d ago

I made a couple of jokes about Kinect above, but really, thats all they were, were jokes. I think we can safely say that the new Kinect 2 has been vastly improved over kinect 1 with regard to latency, tracking, view and other features.

With that said, I think there is a market out there for those who would prefer to be physically active while playing a game, especially if their movements respond exactly as they should on screen. Anything that involves physical movement and gets the old ticker beating is good for you fitness wise.

If the new Kinect is as precise as they claim it is, I think it would make the whole experience that more realistic and therefore a lot more fun. What you said above maybe true, but if its made more realistic with Kinect 2, and your a sporty, active person, you could be very happy with your new purchase for those rainy, cold, dark, long winter days.

Personally though, I'm not one of those people so I'll be stickin to my DS4 simply as a matter of personal preference and choice.

TomShoe2286d ago

That guy's funny. Looks like someone is a bit lacking in the sarcasm department.

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Zeref2286d ago

Why is this getting approved?

digitalscrutiny2286d ago

Because it's science. And science is fact!

coolmastermarktwo2286d ago

It's not just science. It's rocket science.

NatureOfLogic2286d ago

"Why is this getting approved?"

uh, Maybe because it's gaming related and kinect's worth seems to be the hot topic right now. I may be wrong, but I'm trying to use a little common sense here. Something that most fanboys like yourself seem to be incapable of.

gamebrit2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

It's a parody article.

From the site:

"The Daily Pixel is a comedy website featuring spoof and satirical news reports from the world of video games and technology. All of the content is made-up and should not be taken as factual."

Zeref2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

You fail at common sense. Ironic for someone with the nickname "NatureOfLogic"

XboxFun2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Maybe I too should dig up flame/spoof articles from 4 or 5 months ago and get them approved on N4G.

All I need is a "MS is bad" or "100 reasons not to buy Xbox One" type of article from a blog or some other no name site...

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christocolus2286d ago

Dude it baffles me too...but in other news.I listend to major nelson and phil spencers podcast and I'm glad ms is also planning to make a strong showing at tgs..most likely one of the new ips in the works may be lost odysee 2 or blu dragon2.

slimpickens2286d ago

Now don't you start getting me excited! If this news is true then I'm even more excited about XBO. Only thing that sucks is I can't find any to reserve at reasonable price.

christocolus2286d ago

Dude it baffles me too but i guess its to be expected from N4G. That aside,I listened to major nelson and phil spencers interview and I was kinda glad to know that ms has big plans for tgs too.most likely phantum dust2, blinx 3 ,blu dragon 2 or lost odysee 2 may be announced.... Just hopeful.

Xsilvermist2286d ago

And ya name zeref i mean shit i like fairy tail as much as the next guy u choose a character that hardly shows his face in the show call me natsu.

vigilante_man2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

It is not any worse than most of the daft articles we will be seeing until new consoles are released.

20 reasons to buy PS4
20 reasons NOT to buy PS4
20 reasons to buy XB1
20 reasons NOT to buy XB1
blah... blah...

At least this was funny!

Phoenix762286d ago

@coolmaster - it's not rocket science, it's quantum physics!!! Lol

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Ashlen2286d ago

Did they test rocket science?

boing12286d ago

Don't have to be a scientist to know that.

KonsoruMasuta2286d ago

Unless it's an Eroge. Now that, I would buy.

A for Adult kinect game, FTW!

DA_SHREDDER2285d ago

or just get a real chick?

SirBradders2285d ago

He might have one and just want a new experience lol