Shadowrun Returns Review {Critically Sane}

"Shadowrun Returns is a turn-based roleplaying game viewed from an isometric angle, reminiscent of the first two Fallout games. It is obvious that the game was built on a limited budget because, much like the original Fallout games, Shadowrun Returns lacks a lot of the modern day trappings I have come to expect from computer roleplaying games."

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caseh2287d ago

This game will have more appeal once people begin to get the most out of the editor, should really factor this aspect into your review as most of the community realise this to be the case.

kariyanine2286d ago

The editor is mentioned in the review but one can't base a review off what may happen in the future but rather what was actually released to be played.

TheRealTedCruz2287d ago

Personally, it is my favorite game of this year. Beating out Last Light and even Infinite.
Thought they did a great job with the game. Hoping they continue with the series afterward.

Kickstarter really is helping to breath life back into the classic style CRPG.

Big_Mex2287d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself sir!