The False Economy of Photorealism

Matthew Sawrey, Thunderbolt writes:
Now recall the header image for this article. In it there are two pictures of grass. One is real, the other is a 3D model. Could you tell me which the real grass is? Left or right?

I doubt that you can, you don’t have any cows at your disposal. But a videogame equips its players with various means of interaction that can be used to poke and prod at prettily detailed scenes, indicators to tell us that the world we’ve temporarily transported our consciousness into isn’t real.

What we so often find when we test their limits is that for all of their purported aspirations towards realism, videogames are crassly abstract experiences. What is usually meant when a marketing campaign claims that a game is ‘realistic’ is that the game is visually realistic. But looking realistic doesn’t necessarily equate to ‘being’ or ‘feeling’ realistic.

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pixelsword2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Left; the article's trying too hard to have perfect grass.


update after reading article.


2289d ago
ifritAlkhemyst2289d ago

Pretty obvious if you pay attention to the lighting.

XB1_PS42289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Pretty cool read. He makes tons of good points.

Even in movies they have this same thing, if there's noticeable camera work, that breaks the immersion.

Just like walking up to building in GTA 4, and seeing a completely flat texture of a door that was never designed to be opened. Immersion breaking. Doesn't seem as realistic.

Instead of focusing on just what game looks most realistic, we should take in consideration all the other aspects of realism.

TheRealTedCruz2289d ago

This was a fantastic article.

An excellent and a yes from me.

tubers2289d ago

Great read!

Guess the 2 biggest part for me after purely visuals is more complex and plenty of physics and AI.

I guess convincing AI should take priority for becoming the most "realistic game" in the near future since we're hitting some diminishing returns in graphics.

mydyingparadiselost2289d ago

This is a awesome article, wish stuff like this was more popular than the mostly mindless 'PS4 Wins!' Or '5 reasons XBONE will shoot your grandma' articles