Lair updates coming

A free update for Lair will come on Apr 17th in Japan.

It adds control by the left analogue stick (instead of SIXAXIS), DualShock 3 support, better aim function, 2 bonus dragons (Wind Dragon and Poison Dragon) and custom themes that change randomly on startup.

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Rick Astley5031d ago

Too late Factor 5. I sold my copy back to the store the same day I bought it. I'd rather get my penis stuck in a bear trap than play Lair again.

Mr_Bun5031d ago

I actually didn't mind the is the game that is Sh!t

The Closing5031d ago

Yep. Game will still suck, but no the controls were not alright. Too bad cuz the world needed a realistic dragon game I suppose.

dantesparda5031d ago

So when is it coming to the US?

Daver5031d ago

@1, 1.1, 1.2
well thats your opinion... for my part i really enjoyed this game.. they didnt have to release analog control, it was working perfectly and was fun with the sixasis..
anyway im happy that they release 2 new dragons!
I hope they make Lair 2 with a multiplayer mode if it ever happens

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Fishy Fingers5031d ago

I may actually pick this up cheap once the update arrives. My friend had it, and personally I enjoyed what I saw, just the motion controls forced upon you put me off.

harv7115031d ago

Ya I think Factor 5's biggest mistake was forcing the sixaxis controls on players. They should of had the motion controls turned on by default and allowed the the players to turn them off if they wanted. I like motion controls, but I know a lot of people that don't. I have this game, but the reason I didn't enjoy it wasn't the controls, it was the "missions".

I plain just didn't enjoy this game and no update is probably going to change my mind about it. I'll see what all the hub-bub is about though.

mesh15031d ago

NAH THEIR BIGESST mistake wasmaking the game on the conolse they choose as at that time it must have been 1000 timesharder to program for than it is now i played lair and to me its like playing those modern arcade games that dont make any sense at all and its nothig to do wit the controlls they game is useless

rushbd5031d ago

and i did Angelina Jolie . She said she liked it.

Storm235031d ago

I agree Fishy. I will be trying the game with the fixed controls and will be able to pick the game up cheap.

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Hapimeses5031d ago

Yeah, this might convince me to buy it, too. I mean, big dragons, flying about, lots of killing -- what's not to like if the controls are sorted?

Anyone know if it's near budget prices in the UK yet? I won't buy it pre-owned.

Fishy Fingers5031d ago (Edited 5031d ago )

I saw a "pre-owned" copy in Game for £14.

No pre-owned, ok, I think the best price I've seen was GameStation at about £28. Still pretty cheap :)

Hapimeses5031d ago

Hmm. £28. That's not too much. I may wait for a £20 price point, however.

ps360s5031d ago (Edited 5031d ago )

£20 for brand new (amazon marketplace) and second hand about £16-£20 :)

Im going to buy it when the update comes out, I been wanting to play this game since released but heard alot of stuff about it so I just let it go but now it's all going to change :D

EDIT: and I don't know why I got a disagree!? lol

Forbidden_Darkness5031d ago

sweet, i must try it without the motion control, though i do really enjoy the motion control.

The Wood5031d ago

If they had the controls locked like warhark I would of had this game already. They took their time and it may be too late for some but Im in for this 1

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