NZGamer: Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty Review

NZGamer writes: "There've been a few FPS games over the years - many of these have been set in World War II. Many more still have been crafted with the help of Epic's Unreal Engine. So what's the hook that sets Turning Point: Fall of Liberty apart from its peers? Well, for a start, whilst technically taking place during World War II, this is a World War II quite unlike that seen in any other recent game or any FPS at all for that matter. You see, Winston Churchill, the landmark personality that held together a Britain under siege and helped the people break through to become victorious on the other side, didn't actually survive long enough, in this alternate reality, to do any of that. Instead, the valiant people of Mother England were decimated by a rampaging Nazi scythe that carved up Europe with very little opposition, before setting its sites on the good old Stars 'n Stripes.

And that's where you come in."

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DriftMax3844d ago

Lol at the sheep reviewing games

har har har

Gandalf 553840d ago

so i seen this game right, and i thought, i wudn't play this game even if it paid me. i wud much rather shoot myself in the head and watch my brains splatter against the walls then even curse my eyes with the sight of this game.