You Can't Believe Anything Microsoft Says

CCC Says: "Here we go again. Microsoft has made yet another policy reversal. Sadly, you’re probably about as tired of reading about this as I am of writing about it. But, alas, we both find ourselves here, sifting through information from a company who doesn’t seem to know what it wants."

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TomShoe1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Of course not.

I can't even believe that they'll keep the kinect in the box, even though they bet their future on it, and spent 5+ of development and several million dollars on that little camera. They just don't know what market they want to focus on, and it's killing them.

Wii U & 3DS: Families and Kids

PS4 & PSVita: Core Gamers

Xbox One & Kinect: ???

Spurg1892d ago

Wii U & 3DS: Gamers

PS4 & PSVita: Gamers

Xbox One & Kinect: Gamers

TomShoe1892d ago


There are different kinds of gamers.

Not everyone is your average 20 y/o dudebro who only plays Madden, Cod, and BF.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

"You Can't Believe Anything Microsoft Says"

I don't. I just use their products.

tokugawa1892d ago

tom shoe. correct.

there are whiny pathetic fanboys that only consider games to be good if they are exclusive as well..

you are damn right. there are different types of gamers

cozomel1892d ago

and then there is the even more pathetic type that thinks angry birds is good.

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Transporter471892d ago

Xbox One & Kinect: TV Fans!!! the Joy!! wait...

truechainz1892d ago

"Not everyone is your average 20 y/o dudebro who only plays Madden, Cod, and BF."

You say that and then generalize Nintendo as families and kids. Spurg has the right idea.

TomShoe1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Not every Nintendo fan has a family or children, I'm saying that because that's the primary audience that Nintendo is marketing to.

Mario marketed towards families and children. I've been a Mario fan all my life. While Nintendo thinks that's great, I'm not their primary audience, the kids that are just getting into gaming are.

Same for Sony. If a 12 y/o kid likes and buys a PS4 to play CoD, Sony thinks that's great, but he's not their main market. Core gamers, people that play games regularly are.

MS is suffering because they're not focusing on a target demographic of gamers and are stretching their net too thin in order to capture a whole sea of fish.

Think before you post.

truechainz1891d ago

"Core gamers, people that play games regularly are."

Is that really the definition you wanna go with? Cuz it is not a very clear one.

GusHasGas1892d ago

Wii U/3DS - Family and kids

PS4/Vita - Hardcore gamers

Xbox One - casual gamers who play COD, NCAA, and Madden. Also, little kids who are obsessed with COD. Sadly, kids who love COD and casual gamers make up a lot of the gaming community, meaning that the Xbox One will sell quite a bit.

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Wedge191892d ago

Regardless of how well Microsoft is "Listening to consumers" the fact remains that they don't stand on any sort of solid ground. They need to announce features and stick to them, not test the waters then change things when it doesn't go their way. Seems like a little bit more market research was needed before announcing the original Xbox One features due tot he amount of changes they have made to the benefit of consumers.

Zeref1892d ago

They did not remove or change any features,except for the DRM ones, so far they only gave us more options. There is nothing you can do to spin it into something negative.

karl1892d ago

what about the family plan to share gamess?

didnt they took that away?

and u cant deny that this is negative.. it makes them look weak.. they cant stand their ground cuz whatever choice they made in the past only gets negative reactions from the media and ppl..

and so they ended up reversing every decision they made...

and who knows.. maybe they will do it again once u buy the damn thing

jimbobwahey1892d ago

They're only making these changes because preorders are so low. Microsoft doesn't care about consumers at all, they only care about money.

Lots of people complained about their policies, but Microsoft didn't care and stuck to them stubbornly. It's only when those consumers then flocked to PS4 that Microsoft took note.

People should remember that, rather than desperately trying to defend a company that doesn't care about them or treat them with respect as customers. Shows just how much of a messed-up world we live in when people are so foolish as to mindlessly defend a corporation that's been trying to screw them repeatedly.

tokugawa1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

@ jimbobwahey rofl

"People should remember that, rather than desperately trying to defend a company that doesn't care about them or treat them with respect as customers. Shows just how much of a messed-up world we live in when people are so foolish as to mindlessly defend a corporation that's been trying to screw them repeatedly".

you people really do think that sony care. it's sickening watching people on here.

have a look at the real sony. see how they knowingly shafted everyone for 2 years who bought their rubbish 3d sets. sets that were not capable of doing 3d in the first place.

then see what sony said to them.

i should know, i was one of them. sony told me that it corresponded with the specs (which was the same line they used the world over), and told me to buy a more expensive tv if i wanted 3d that worked..

it took me 3 months to get my 1500 back. ok 1500 is not a great deal. but for the same money, i got a different brand that is around 10x better

IcicleTrepan1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Right.. and what did you say of Sony when they delivered PS3 without rumble and said it was 'so last gen' and then come to find out later that they just didn't feel like paying the licensing fee?

They sure did a '180' on that when the customers crapped on them for it. Except it was worse than MS because they launched with that and had to make a new SKU to include dualshock 3 as we know it. (months later)

But yeah you just go ahead and say it's only Microsoft that changes their policies.

Scatpants1892d ago

Sony doesn't care either they just made all of their policies to be Pro consumer from the start and now they are being rewarded for it. Microsoft seemed to be trying to give consumers the shaft at every possible opportunity and now they are being destroyed in preorders and having to reverse all of their shitty decisions.

jessupj1892d ago

Well said.

@ the rest of you.

For the millionth time we know Sony doesn't individually care about us, but they listen to the consumer, treat them with respect and get our money by offering a great product.

Please just stop with the whole "bu bu but sony doesn't care about you either". It's getting mind numbingly annoying.

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Evilsnuggle1892d ago

MicroSCAM do not give a rats ass about the customer. if they did then why all the b*** anti customer policies customer. XBOTS you are in Denial the only reason why m$ is backtracking and back flipping so much is PS4 is doubling and tripling them in pre orders. PS4 is all sold out even game bundles. Meanwhile they're still plenty of xbones available for pre-order microSCAM is in full panic mode.

AngelicIceDiamond1892d ago

Only on N4G. Which means nothing.

stage881892d ago

Look around other gaming websites/forums.
Eg. Neogaf, IGN, Kotaku, Nowgamer, Eurogamer etc

Everyone is saying the same. The vast majority have no idea what MS is doing with their new console and are choosing a PS4 since they can't trust MS on what they'll change in the future (good or bad)

Just because you only read N4G doesn't mean the rest of the Internet is different.

AngelicIceDiamond1892d ago

@Stage Don't believe me and @PFFT?

look for yourself.

I'm not implying IGN or any other popular game sites are Angels but ANYTHING is a step up from the completely one sided bias arguments that take place here.

Evilsnuggle1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Icediamond here we go again one statement the XBOTS are excited about. News flash PS4 AND xbone have the same x86 architecture and AMD CPU and GPU PS4 has more graphic cores . he John Carmack also said there were some technical differences and he has not bencmark to see which one is more powerful. XBOTS

PFFT1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Im at IGN and the only story i can see there is the one that states that Sony may struggle with Profitability. Nope cant find anything on a Pro-Sony fanboy negative Xbox One article.

Evilsnuggle1892d ago

I don't give a rats ass about how much profit did they make just make me some games

NatureOfLogic1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

It's was only N4G that pre-ordered PS4s, voted on polls and downvoted anything Xbox One related on sites like youtube. Yeah, It's only N4G though./s Delusional Xbox fanboys are the worst.

AngelicIceDiamond1892d ago

Im a fanboy now, that's cute. I'm not the one who wants a console manufacturer to crash and burn.

Your comment:

I had to ignore the rest of your spewing, and blatant hate fanboy comments.

"I agree with the article, though I would like to see them replaced so that Sony and Nintendo would at least have some kind of competition."

Look through my comment history and you'll find me defending the X1. Which is funny because I'm defending Xbox related articles from SONY fanboys such as yourself from polluting and flooding it with trolling and hate. But you'll never see me run down the PS4 like you do Xbox every 2 seconds.

Unlike you I love gaming and my goal is to end up with both, that's my goal. I understand preference but people take it waay to far here.

Your not a gamer at all. In fact Your not even good enough to be called a fanboy. Your a anti gamer since you wanna see a gaming company fall. I despise people like you.

Hicken1892d ago

Actually, you've BEEN a fanboy, though you'd calmed down a bit in recent times.

In any case, it's not "only" N4G. The amazing thing about this stupid assumption is that you and others keep saying it as if all these articles ORIGINATE from N4G. It's like you've forgotten that this is just an aggregate site. The articles you're bitching about come from ALL OVER the internet and just happen to find their way here.

So no, it's not "only on N4G." Stop using that weak-ass excuse.

AngelicIceDiamond1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Yeah those fanboy articles only make it on here. Nobody else sees them on Gametrailers, Joystiq, or IGN. They've always written BS Xbox articles and this site is notorious for submitting them that's the problem its like they filter very little here.

I've been a fanboy? Defending X1 articles from Sony fans isn't a fanboy. That's what I've been doing since I've been here.

If I was a fanboy I would be in PS4 articles trolling and talking down about it. Have you ever seen me run down PlayStation or troll it?

@Jesse I agree on all those fronts. The past 2 years MS hasn't catered to the core. All Kinect and barely any core titles besides the usual Gears, Halo, Forza.

The most terrible reveal in gaming history by not announcing it as a game console FIRST and focus way to much on TV functionality.

The DRM always on console and disable consumers from purchasing pre owned games as well as the kindergarten PR.

Trust me I know the horrors of MS and I'll call out on whatever BS MS does.

You have to give credit to MS for "180ing" lately. And finally listening to consumers. I'm sure Don Mattrick is a good guy but hes extremely stubborn (Closed policies on 360) as well as the X1's policies and overall handling with the console.

Now that hes gone, the X1 is a way more attractive console than before.

jessupj1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Since you claim you're not a fanboy then you can concede the pathetically low amount of exclusives MS have released in the last few years, yes?

You can also concede how horrible the original intended X1 was, yes?

I give credit where credit is due. For instance the fact that the X1 will have dedicated servers for all games is amazing.

You seem to be always defending MS and calling out other fanboys.

It doesn't matter how calm and grammatically correct your comments are, if you stubborn won't admit certain truths you are a fanboy.

So can you concede my original 2 points above?

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no_more_heroes1892d ago

You can't believe anything any big corporation says.