Where Has the 3D Hype Gone?

CCC Says: "It wasn't too long ago that the 3D hype mushroomed into a full-on marketing blitz. It seemed like putting a 3D entertainment package in every home was a foregone certainty. All the big electronic companies were on board, asking us to dish out thousands of dollars on 3D televisions, Blu-ray players, glasses, as well as asking us to refresh our movie collections with pricier 3D copies. Of course, it trickled into video games as well, with the PS3 and Xbox 360 sporting a few dozen titles that support the stereoscopic 3D display. And let’s not forget the Nintendo 3DS, a portable gaming device with a glasses-free 3D experience built into the system."

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TomShoe2282d ago

Because 3D was a cheap ploy to get more money out of the average consumer.

I don't mind watching Pacific Rim in 2D. You don't need 3D for the full experience.

darthv722282d ago

3D was over used by content that wasnt really worthy of such treatment. The cheapening of the format really lead to it being regarded as a gimmick when there was genuine content that really took advantage of it.

The good content was overshadowed by the majority of quick-to-cash-in-on-the-trend content. i think it was James Cameron that said, the more movies (and other content) that gets made without 3d in mind but added as an afterthought, the more chance of the format dieing off.

and by the look of things....he was right.

fr0sty2282d ago

Oculus Rift. It was the logical progression of 3D technology, as glasses free 3D sucks and has limited viewing area, and even shutter based 3D still had ghosting issues. The tech just wasn't quite ready, though I admit I still game in 3D on my TV... and do think that it adds to the experience. Definitely in driving games where I can use my depth perception better.

Scatpants2282d ago

Pacific Rim was awesome in 3D if you watched it in 2D you really missed something. I'd say it is one of the best uses of 3D in a movie since Avatar.

starchild2282d ago

It's a lot more complex than that.

3d on a flat 2d TV is nice, but it still has ghosting cross-talk issues. Furthermore, 3D TVs and glasses are fairly expensive.

Also, games have to be downgraded to run in stereoscopic 3D.
"There are compromises - we're fairly sure that the 896x504 per eye resolution from the beta is retained, though pre-rendered movies for the single-player mode get a boost to 1024x576. Environmental detail is pared back in places, LODs are a touch more intrusive and heavy scenes can see a 4-5FPS drop in frame-rate."

Uncharted 3 2D:

Uncharted 3 3D:

All of these factors combined have slowed the adoption of 3D gaming.

Personally I am super excited for the consumer Rift because the dev unit I have used offers the best 3D I have ever experienced, period. The Rift is the first device that truly fulfills the promise of 3D in my opinion.

skyrimer2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Oh boy you're so wrong, try nvidia 3d vision if you can, that's mindblowing 3d. A 3d vision supported projector (projectors don't have either crosstalk or any ghosting at all) on an 80'' screen and you won't be able to play in 2d anymore, I tell you, check

3-4-52282d ago

I love my 3DS, used the 3D function for a total of about 5 minutes though.

It doesn't make games better, but it's cool to use every now and then to look at a screen or something.

Even Nintendo knows it was a gimmick. They're next handheld may not even include the feature.

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ftwrthtx2282d ago

It's a neat gimmick, but really that's all it is.

filchron2282d ago

i think when 4k glasses free screens come out, dual eye 1080p gaming at 60fps will be very possible for the PC crowd and maybe 720p at 60fps for PS4 and XB1. all glasses free of course. dolby and vizio already have really good glasses free 3D at 1080p 4K prototypes. the BBC says most major TV manufacturers will have a glasses free 3D set out by 2015, just in time to watch the new 3D trailers for starwars ep 7 and avatar 2

Studio-YaMi2282d ago

Same here,whenever a game supports it,it makes the game even more enjoyable visually.

I would love to see Sony continue their support of 3D gaming.

PositiveEmotions2282d ago

Yeah i hope sony keeps bringing 3D games


My thought exactly. People are so against it when it suits gaming very well like people said when done right and not an afterthought. I love playing uncharted 3, resistance 3, black ops 2, motorstorm etc. In 3d. It just adds to the experience

Number-Nine2282d ago

nearly dead. it failed in the 90s and failed again.

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