Xbox One: Then and Now

IGN - Going over all the Xbox One changes and u-turns from the day it was announced to now, and what they mean.

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Maddens Raiders1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

"Not everybody has been won over by Microsoft's compromises, and the company's evident willingness to completely reverse course on things that were originally slated as vital and unchangeable features of the Xbox One really does raise a lot of these questions.."

Questions and concerns. They were on the precipice of killing all used games. They lied to gamers by saying all these things were necessary and that they just couldn't "flip a switch", then they made us feel like criminals with the "built in policies" that have almost all been completely reversed, simply due to public outrage and disgust.

What else is Microsoft not telling us? This is the only reason I'm not buying an XBone day one and supporting their campaign. I don't trust MS to do what is right for the gaming industry. Maybe this will change in the future and if it does I'll embrace MS's console with open arms.

TomShoe1983d ago

Before all the changes, MS had a vision about when the future of gaming would be all digital. While I didn't like the DRM and the no used games policy, I at least respected them for trying something different and sticking to their vision.

Then they completely abandoned it and now we're left with a console with very little direction and a waning fanbase outside of loyalists. Just 90 days of negative feedback was enough to spoil 5+ years of development, now we're stuck with an inferior alternative to the PS4.

They literally have no idea what they want to do with it, or what market they want to focus on.

Families: Wii U

Gamers: PS4

???: Xbox One

MS was too indecisive, and it cost them in the end.

UnHoly_One1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

What is this, the third or fourth time in the past hour that you've come into an Xbox related article and posted almost the same identical message?

Give it a rest, Troll.

Freedomland1983d ago

Often people write comments that Microsoft listened to the fans and took 180 but in my opinion no, they didn't listen to fans, they have become afraid of the fans and Sony.
My question is, have they ever added any feature because the fans want to but they are removing features, instead of making them better to show their vision to the fans. Now Microsoft is not going forward towards the future and their vision but going backwards to the 360 style of gaming environment.
Sony made a mistake, launching ps3 at higher price point nearly 7 years ago since then they have been trying to make things right with better exclusives, better online service and specially Ps4, that's how you follow the vision and win your fans.

GamerzElite1983d ago

I can only laugh at them.

ceedubya91983d ago

The only thing that really bothered me about the Xbox One in its original state was the online requirement. Once they got rid of that, I was good to go. Anything else afterwards is just icing on the cake for me.

jrbeerman111983d ago

I was a huge Xbox360 fan, and hate everything the Kinect has done to the Xbox brand. Once m$ set their sights on the wii consumer, they lost their way and forgot about their primary consumer.

Now I feel like xbone is the jack of all trades and master of none. In fact it's a lot like their surface tablets (which are struggling). It's a tablet that's also a laptop, but its tablet isn't as good as todays tablets and its not better than laptops, so it gets lost.

Xboxone wants to be video game machine, and DVR, and motion gaming machine (different consumer), and Apple TV, and and and and ect ect ect......... and ends up being inferior in every category trying to do too much

The used game policy, always online, and push for digital was icing on the cake

Excalibur1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

My main hang-up all along was the mandatory Kinect followed by the DRM/Used game policy, now that Kinect is no longer a requirement I'm happy but in the same token I'm still not getting one (for now) for a few reasons

1. Now that I don't have to have Kinect I don't want Kinect and I damn sure don't want to pay for something I don't want.

2. The more Microsoft told me this or that was "required" the more I called B.S. now that all of it has gone away Microsoft has just proved they are a pack of lairs, I don't want to to business with people like that, at this point I don't trust them, I'm playing "wait and see".

Cherchez La Ghost1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Now MS changing things to what gamers want in the first place and people still bitching?! And this picture for this topic is backwards. If you want to troll, Xbox One should have been on the cyclist, not the car. Not the person looking at the cyclist.

Excalibur1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

The reason people are "Bitching" as you put it is Microsoft went out of their way to try and convince us that everything they have 180'ed on so far could not be done because it would break the system, the system was built around this and the system was built around that and so on, we all knew it was B.S but still they continued with the lies.

Now they are trying to convince us that they are doing all this because they care about us, it's sickening.
Come out and admit your mistakes, I don't necessarily need an apology but some truth for once would be nice.

Try it Microsoft, you just about 180'ed on everything else...

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